The most popular IPTVs that the Police are pursuing: these are the websites that pirate football or movies and series the most

the most popular iptvs that the police are pursuing these are the websites that pirate football or movies and series the most
the most popular iptvs that the police are pursuing these are the websites that pirate football or movies and series the most

The Premier League, Miramax and other coalitions have publicly identified the most popular IPTVs and websites around the planet.

Last week it was learned that several people have received prison sentences, ranging up to 36 months for the sale of devices prepared for the reproduction of pirated content from IPTVs. The battle continues against IPTV and now the blacklist of services that offer all types of content has been announced , mostly featuring the broadcast of sporting events.

Between the increase in costs of the streaming platforms that have the most subscribers in Spain and the return of the reproduction of pirated content from IPTV, it is somehow returning to past years in which it was common to enjoy movie content or downloaded series. The same is happening with the different anti-piracy coalitions that are returning to the fray.

Anti-piracy coalitions representing major sports rights holders and streaming sites have identified dozens of IPTV services. Sky, Premier League, DAZN, DFL and BeIN – which have the broadcasting rights of FIFA, UEFA, NBA and MLB – have shown that piracy services remain persistent with audiences exceeding millions of viewers. users monthly.


The list of piracy services has been made publicly available following a request from the Office of the United States Trade Representative . They have been labeled as notorious markets as they are services that are accessed by millions of people around the world every month. In fact, figures are even given for the monthly visits that some of them receive.

What could be taken as the current drawing of the ecosystem of piracy services that offer their catalog through their IPTV websites. Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance ( AAPA ), the Football Association Premier League plus a joint presentation by beIN Media and Miramax, have given details about the problems faced with these services that collect millions of users monthly.

Those identified by the Premier League
As mentioned, some of the services even appear in more than one report , since they not only focus on the illegal reproduction of sporting events, but also offer multimedia content from streaming platforms such as series, movies or documentaries.

BestBuyIPTV – Tops the list of services in the Premier League single presentation and the service operator has been located in Vietnam.

Forever TV : AAPA and the beIN/Miramax joint collaboration have positioned it as one of the services that challenge your interests. They operate from the website that offers subscriptions as well as a reseller program for the dissemination of pirated content. Chaloos and Mediastar are included, the former already being cited by the United States Trade Representative in a list published in 2022.

EVPad : one of the most popular in Southeast Asia and with an extremely sophisticated business system (that’s what they name it in the public list). It offers more than 1,700 channels without yet knowing their location, although there are suspicions that they could be operating in Hong Kong and China.

Family Box – Also listed on the Premier League and beIN/Miramax identified list. A pirate organization covering Kurdistan and operating internationally from a pirate IPTV. Its offices would be in Erbil, Iraq.

Globe IPTV : one of the most popular assets in the world. It has been supplying this type of content to multiple pirate services that have been the subject of landmark legal action. It would be operating in Lebanon.
SVI Cloud – Very popular in Southeast Asia, it operates both online and in-store with over 70 locations. Earlier this month, 17 people were arrested in Singapore and 2,500 devices offering this content were stolen.
The following list are websites identified by the AAPA and the Premier League . Some references appear in both and place them as the most popular.


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