Goodbye to Google Maps and Wikiloc: this is Organic Maps, the advanced map app that does not require a connection

This app is dedicated to hikers, cyclists and anyone who wants to travel anywhere without the need for a data connection.

With the next novelty of Google Maps that will allow hiking routes to make things more complicated for Wikiloc in Spain, there is an app called Organic Maps which is increasingly gaining the interest of many users for a great reason: it offers maps without the need to be connected to a mobile network.

Is a open source app for Android and iOS that offers offline maps for any type of user and according to their needs, such as going on a hiking route, taking a bicycle to cover a few kilometers or those who want to travel outside of Spain to always have at hand the crucial data to move around any city. or town.

An important point, to know who it comes from, is that we are really looking at the old MapsWithMe, an application that had great success and that the team that was behind its development is now in charge of maintaining Organic Maps. You simply have to take a look at your scores on the Google Play Store to realize that it is receiving applause from many for its undeniable quality and all the help it generates with those offline maps.

Organic Maps

The map will locate the correct route to carry out the walk and indicates data such as the route time, kilometers to be traveled and variation in altitude both up and down. This is used to plan routes, since you will have to be at the starting point to use the navigator with a simple interface and certain options such as visual indicators, silencing voice notifications or accessing settings.

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Organic Maps It is not an app full of virtues or an exquisite design in the interface or interactions, but goes directly to its most important function: offering an offline map with which one can manage for certain types of needs such as those mentioned above. It is free without ads and open source, so by knowing how to use it you can get the most out of it. It is available from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.