The Pixel 8 was going to be more ambitious than it really is: these three functions were discarded at the last minute

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1697544667 840 560.jpeg

In the source code of software Of the new Google Pixels, references have been found to functions that have not arrived in time for the launch


The Google Pixel 8 on sale now. Google’s high-end has surprised the sector with important additions based on artificial intelligence, very capable cameras and a processor that although it does not dazzle in power, it carries the software to another level.

However, these new flagship They still could have offered a few more features. They have finally been cut, and the truth is that it would have meant quite a considerable jump. This is dictated by a better resolution for video recording and a mode similar to what Samsung proposes with DeX.

The Pixel 8 could record in 8K, and Google ruled out slow motion and a desktop mode

Google Pixel 8

As you probably already know, the Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro were announced in the last keynote from the search giant. The ‘Made by Google’ event showed us the proposals of the well-known American firm for the high-end of this 2023 and much of next 2024.

Now, they are available for purchase, which brings us closer to the factory images and source code that is available to any user. At Android Authority, a medium specialized in the Google ecosystem, they have reviewed it in depth, obtaining quite relevant information about these smartphones.

Furthermore, they have been discovered three functions that were discarded by Google before the official launch, and they are not trifles. The first and most powerful of all is the desktop mode that Google has been developing for some time: it was expected for the Pixel 8 because references were found about the compatibility of DisplayPort over USB-C.

Using this technology, the search engine company could have developed a desktop mode similar to the Samsung alternative. Unfortunately, it has been ruled out again, although there is always the hope that, through an update of softwareyou can recover this feature.

The other two outtakes directly emphasize the flagships’ photography abilities. On the one hand, the 8K video recording It is possible thanks to the new hardwarebut it seems that the software I wasn’t ready to receive it. Work-in-progress references have been found to add an 8K video encoder profile for the Tensor G3, so it wouldn’t be surprising if it were announced soon.

On the other hand, and continuing with video recording, the Pixel 8 series could have achieved slow motion recording with a high frame rate: 480fps in 720p resolution. Finally, it has remained at an acceptable 240 fps (in 1080p), but we do not know the reason for this elimination.

Be that as it may, Google has managed to create two very attractive phones, standing out in what you know best: software and cameras. It is not that they have neglected the other sections, but as we see, they could have been more ambitious.

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