The iPhone 14 will have a faster charge, but far from Android

The iPhone 14 will have a faster charge, but far from Android

Not much left for phones iPhone 14 be a reality in the market, since Apple has scheduled its presentation for September 7, 2022. Little by little, different details of these terminals are becoming known, and now it has been their turn to know the evolutionary leap that will take place in fast charging of these smartphones.

To date, data has been leaking from both the processor and the camera that the new iPhone 14 will have, and in all cases it seems quite clear that the Pro models the greatest number of advances will be included. And one of them will be a much better fast charge which, yes, will not reach the levels offered by many of the devices that use the Android operating system (such as those of OPPO or Xiaomi).

The improvement that Apple prepares in its iPhone 14

Well, as can be seen in some data that has been publishedthe evolutionary leap that will take place will allow the Pro models to use a charging speed that will reach 30W, which is ten more than what is offered in the current range of phones that the Cupertino company has on the market (the iPhone 13). Devices that belong to the basic range will remain at 20W… And this is another reason to focus on equipment that will be more expensive than what Apple announces.

Apple iPhone smartphone on a table

The main reason for this to be the case, leaving aside a security that Android terminals have shown can be achieved using speeds that exceed 60W fast charging without problems, is the connection that will be maintained on the iPhone 14. This will be Lightning, which doesn’t offer the necessary hardware to press on when it comes to power transfer without risk. Obviously, this will change next year with the arrival of USB type C.

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One more section in which Apple has to improve

It is true that the calm with which Apple takes the arrival of new technologies -or their improvements- is sometimes positive because maximum reliability is sought. But there are times when this does not hold up anywhere, and what has to do with the fast charging of your phones is an example of what we say. For a generation the firm’s smartphones should offer better numbers, since they are light years away from Android. And this is a problem for users.

And, by the way, considering that with iPhones they no longer come with a charger, those who buy an iPhone 14 Pro with the new fast charging speed will almost certainly have to carry out a additional outlay to get the adapter that allows them to exploit the 30W. Bitten apple company stuff…