Google Meet becomes bloatware: it cannot be uninstalled when integrated into the system

google meet becomes bloatware it cannot be uninstalled when integrated.webp.webp.webp
google meet becomes bloatware it cannot be uninstalled when integrated.webp.webp.webp

To include Google applications and services on a mobile phone, manufacturers must meet certain conditions specified in the different agreements that indicate, among many other things, which Google apps need to be pre-installed and under what conditions. Google Meet now becomes mandatory.

The GMS geoavailability graph, available to manufacturers, changes the status of Google Meet from being a “flexible” application, which can be included or not, to “core” or basic. As such, it must integrate into the system and cannot be uninstalled unless we have root.

Google Meet, whether you want it or not

Android phones do not come empty as standard, but rather come with a good package of pre-installed applications, some of which are essential for normal use of the phone (such as the Phone or Contacts app) and others that are not so essential. In all this package of pre-installed applications, some can be uninstalled and others cannot.

Google Meet in particular was officially included until now in the package of applications that could be uninstalled, although some manufacturers have already chosen to include it in the system. From now on, everyone will have to do it in Android builds carried out since December of last year.

This is because Google Meet is now considered as a Core app from Google Play Services, so it must be integrated into the system partition and cannot be uninstalled, but it can be disabled. When you disable an application, it is no longer available in the system and does not appear in the application drawer, but no space is recovered on the mobile except for the data it saves.

If you like check your Google Meet can be uninstalled or not, you can do it in several ways. A simple one is to search for Google Meet on Google Play and press the button Uninstall. If the confirmation message asks you if you want to uninstall updates for this system app, then your Google Meet is part of the system.

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