The bargain of the moment is this Samsung smart watch at 149 euros in El Corte Inglés


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 apps

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is one of the most complete smart watches, and it is greatly discounted in its 40 mm version.

After the fever of smart bracelets that made almost everyone in Spain now have one It is smart watches that are beginning to be more popular. One of the reasons is its larger screen size, something that even some bracelets are imitating, another is the ability to run applications.

Many of these watches have Wear OS, the old Android Weara complete operating system that allows you to install applications to listen to music, chat, control home automation… WhatsApp even recently arrived, which can now be used without having to depend on the phone.

One of the brands that has invested the most in this type of watches is Samsung, which presents new models every year, which causes previous generations to drop in price. This is just what is happening with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 40mmwhich are at an especially low price, 148 euros at El Corte Inglés.

Various discounted models

This watch has an operating system that allows you to install applications from the Google Play Storebeing the perfect remote control for many things, such as turning lights on and off, or opening the front door with a smart lock.

In case you want to jump to a more current generation can opt for the Watch 5 Series. At El Corte Inglés we have the most powerful version, the 5 Pro, which passed through the analysis table in the summer of 2022. This model is reduced by no less than 44%, leaving its final price at 279 euros.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The price is substantially higher, but we get a much more robust design and a much larger crown. All this goes hand in hand with more advanced features and, above all, a autonomy that only some models from much lesser-known brands can match. If the budget allows, and the person who is going to use it does not have particularly fine wrists, this watch is a bargain.

There are also discounts on models from other brands, such as Xiaomi. He Xiaomi Watch S1 It has a 56% discount, costing 110 euros. and theiaomi Watch S1 Active GL Moon is even cheaper, at 99.99 euros.

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