The Apple Vision Pro battery can be a problem with some apps

When Apple introduced its viewer VisionPro at WWDC 2023, surprisingly there was no mention of its potential for the fitness, despite the fact that virtual reality can be a great way to exercise. A new report indicates that there is a reason why this feature did not show in the event.

The Cupertino company allowed WWDC attendees to test their glasses, with developments such as a meditation application. But the firm avoided demonstrating the potential of the Vision Pro as a fitness device. This does not mean that the device is impossible to use in this way, but everything indicates that it was not at the right time of development to show this ability.

A very sensible reason for all this

According to the data that has been known, the Cupertino-based company has been planning exercise applications to be used with the glasses. Some former employees even claim that Apple explored the possibility of partner with Nike to create exercise routines. Plus, apparently, the tech giant even considered designing face cushions designed for intense workouts.


One of these wellness apps would be a yoga app. This would use the chamber of the device for measuring respiration by observing the chest and the user’s torso. And, even, there was also a tai chi application in development… However, this software was not ready to be shown at the event a few weeks ago.

Other reasons in the Apple Vision Pro

At the same time, former employees mentioned that Apple may have been hesitant to show off these apps, even though some of them were mostly finished. The reason for this is none other than the uncomfortable external battery used by the glasses. Additionally, the company may have been concerned about the brittleness of the front glass and poor hand tracking in certain situations.

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The truth is Tim Cook not seen using the Vision Pro in public, supposedly because the company fears it will become a meme. Given Apple’s focus on image and aesthetics, it would make sense that they wouldn’t want an image of someone struggling with the battery pack to circulate.

Remember that the Vision Pro does not have a specific release date, but it is expected to be available sometime in 2024. That should be enough time for Apple to define its fitness strategy with this viewer, which we recall, is priced at $3,500. As launch approaches, we’ll be keeping an eye out for any updates regarding the Vision Pro’s fitness and wellness capabilities.