How to view and download Instagram Stories without them knowing

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When we see an Instagram story, either from a person we follow or from a user who has published their Story publicly, the social network always shows the author of that content that we have looked at their Story. That is, the person who published that story only has to slide the screen up to know all the people who have seen their content.

However, there are times when you don’t want the person who posted a story to know that you’ve seen it. Is it possible to achieve this? On the market you will find Chrome extensions that allow you to do this, or even third-party applications that promise to be able to view Instagram Stories in a hidden way. However, you cannot always trust these types of third-party applications, the use of which is also not allowed by Instagram.

But there are some little Instagram tricks that allow us to see a user’s stories without them knowing that we have seen them. We tell you about them in an easy and summarized way in the following video:

With these tricks you will not have to depend on external applications or install any extension in your Internet browser. All you have to do is, as we explain in the video, activate the airplane mode of your mobile phone and act as we tell you in it.

If you do not want to do this, in the video too we give you two other tricks so you can see anyone’s stories on Instagram without leaving a trace. And you know, if you want to stay up to date and find out more tips and tricks to get the most out of your favorite social networks, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and thus not miss any of our videos with tips.

Best apps to watch a Story without being seen

If you want to see the Story of an Instagram user but you don’t want them to find out about it -because yes, they leave a trace and whoever published the Story knows who sees it- there are also tools that help you remain anonymous. The introduction of Stories on this platform owned by Facebook was a great success because allows users to have control about who sees your content.

Now, there is always an escape when talking about technology and there is also a way to view and download the stories on the social network and not let it be known that we have done it, as well as prevent someone from seeing a Story on Instagram. There are different tools available, both for browsers, using the computer, and applications for smartphones. Here a summary:

Storiesig. It works as an extension to the browser. It is compatible with Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox. To use it, you need to go to the browser and once there access, in the search bar, the address Once there, you can access the Instagram account of the person whose Stories you want to see without their knowledge.

It must be said that this tool also provides the possibility of downloading a Story, both those that are kept 24 hours a day and those that have been set in the profile, without the user being aware of it, which in turn supposes a privacy problem. Stories submitted only to the “best friends” list or those from private accounts will not be available through this extension for viewing or downloading.

story saver: It is an application that must be downloaded through Google Pay (this is only available for Android-based devices). Like the function mentioned above, it not only allows you to view shared stories, from anonymity, preventing those who have published them from knowing that there are those who are secretly watching them, but you can also download this content. It even provides the “Repost” option, which allows users to replicate this content within their own accounts.

Instagram Stories: This tool exists both as an application for Android-based smartphones, and as a browser extension when used on a computer. It can be downloaded to a computer and does not require registration or access data. It also allows, in addition to viewing the stories of others anonymously, to download them to a computer. You do not need to have an Instagram account to access this tool.

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