Samsung launches an update on Smart TV and mobile phones to make your home smarter

samsung launches an update on smart tv and mobile phones to make your home smarter
samsung launches an update on smart tv and mobile phones to make your home smarter

It is increasingly accessible to turn your home into a smart private space thanks to the large number of accessories that make it possible. With just your WiFi network you can synchronize many electronic devices to add a much more comfortable and sophisticated coexistence. Today there are many companies that market these types of products, but Samsung is one of the most committed to offering control of all your devices . This is how it adapts to Smart TV and smartphones.

Samsung Electronics wants to change the paradigm of intelligent control of your home by improving all its functions. Although CES 2024 served to present all the new features that it will implement over the coming months, the company is already beginning to launch updates on its devices to keep them united and make everything easier when it comes to managing its applications.

To do this, it has improved the SmartThings tool , which connects and monitors all your appliances, smart speakers, plugs and light bulbs from various brands, among others, in order to have a more satisfactory user experience. In addition, a new home management system has been included with exciting new features, available for Smart TV.

Samsung allows you to see your home in 3D

Have you ever imagined seeing your entire home on a 3D map? Well, Samsung has made it possible through an innovative method that turns your Smart TV into a three-dimensional map called 3D Map View . It is an application that transforms the real plans of your house into virtual images through SmartThings.

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In this way, users will be able to calibrate different parameters to their liking , such as the air conditioning temperature, energy consumption or turning lights off and on in all the corners where the smart bulbs are located.

And how does Samsung manage to map our home? The South Korean brand is very clear about the use of its new system after having tested it on numerous occasions. This update shows off spatial Artificial Intelligence in Samsung devices, such as the Bespoke Jet Bot, and the LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors, which contain a laser light to detect 3D objects and measure all locations well.

In addition, this version of Map View has been significantly improved in relation to the previous one, which only had 2D modeling and only worked when the entire home distribution was manually detailed.

What platforms is it available on?

Currently, the only devices that benefit from all these incentives are Samsung Series 7 televisions that have gone on sale in 2024, as well as mobile phones with Android 9.0 or higher operating systems with a minimum of 6 GB of RAM, and iOS 15 or higher phones with a minimum of 6 GB of RAM and 792×828 resolution. However, the Map View function will also be enabled in Family Hub refrigerators in some models launched from 2021 during the first half of the year.

Consequently, the tech giant has argued that they are working to make Map View not only used in private homes, but also in apartments and office spaces. A good initiative from Samsung to extend its creation of smart environments to many more locations.

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