More than 50 new free channels come to Smart TVs with series and movies

more than 50 new free channels come to smart tvs with series and movies
more than 50 new free channels come to smart tvs with series and movies

Imagine that one of the main Hollywood studios decides to get fully into the free television channels market and does it in a big way, with more than 50 free channels . Channels without filler or unknown series or movies, but rather great television hits like Seinfeld or Breaking Bad. Now stop imagining, because this is already real.

The first word that comes to mind when discovering that Sony has decided to go all out in the free channels sector is “luxury”. Because if you are used to television platforms that have channels that do not match your tastes or that broadcast unknown productions, get ready for something different. With 54 channels, Sony intends to change the daily life of Smart TV owners .

On Samsung and LG televisions

Sony has signed an agreement that will boost sales of Smart televisions from Samsung and LG, which are the brands with which, for the moment, the Japanese company has agreed. Because giving its users access to more than 50 channels at once, for free and with top quality content, is not something that happens every day. These channels come through Sony One and are part of the entity’s new philosophy of offering top-quality entertainment without any cost involved.

The best thing is that Sony has already mentioned that the channels and their programming will be personalized depending on the region . And that implies that the versions of the channels for Spain will not only have the content ready in Spanish, but will also broadcast series or movies that really connect with viewers in our country.

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What series are we going to be able to see?

The catalog that Sony has is immense. We have to think that Sony is possibly one of the few major Hollywood studios that have not embarked on the adventure of having their own streaming service . For one reason or another, the Japanese company has preferred to let some of its rivals enter this market. And their move is not going badly, given that they use their enormous catalog of content to license it to these rivals and thus obtain income. In this case, their series and movies are going to be protagonists of Samsung and LG at an unexpected level.

The countries chosen for this launch, in addition to Spain, include the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Italy, Finland, Norway and Sweden. And, if we talk about channels, although confirmation of the rest of the proposals is still missing, it is already known that some such as Sony One Faves or Sony One Comedy TV are being released. The former will include legendary series such as Dawson’s Grownup, while its comedy channel will include titles such as The Babysitter or The Goldbergs.

Other channels announced include Sony One Thriller TV (Breaking Bad, Justified, Better Call Saul), Sony One Comedy HITS, Sony One Action HITS, Sony One Shark Tank, Sony One Dragon’s Den and Sony One Blacklist. As you can see, there are already some channels dedicated to specific content, such as the Shark Tank channel, the Dragon’s Den channel, and the Blacklist series. In addition, the HITS channels are proposals dedicated to cinema where we will see some of Sony’s most important films. In the action field, titles such as Men in Black, District 9 or Welcome to Zombieland have been confirmed, while the comedy field will broadcast titles such as Jerry Maguire, Brothers for Balls or Rumors and Lies.

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But don’t forget that, as we said before, it is also confirmed that, through its channels, we will see series like Seinfeld or Bewitched , to mention just a few additional ones. And the truth is that just imagining a Seinfeld channel broadcasting episodes almost 24 hours a day is something that drives us crazy with enthusiasm. Because we can watch the series on Netflix, but having a channel that chooses the episodes for us and gives them a spin in order ends up being even better.

From Sony they say that they are aware of the importance that FAST channels have today and they want to share their content with everyone so that they can enjoy it. In addition, they specify something interesting, and that is that they say that the catalog of series that they are going to put on the free channels covers the 100 years of the company’s history. This means that we are going to have very varied entertainment with some of the greatest classics that television has ever seen.