Premieres the week of June 26, 2023 on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+ and more

The last week of June 2023 It is already here and, the truth is that there are some very important novelties in the contents of the streaming video platforms in Spain. We show you the premieres more interesting that you should take into account among movies and series.

There is not much doubt that one of the series that stands out among those that are new on Netflix is ​​the premiere of the first part of the third season of The Witcher. You can enjoy it from June 29 and in it Henry Cavill remains the protagonist. In this new installment, our eyes are focused on Ciri, Geralt de Rivia’s brave protégé, who finds herself at a crossroads that will test her determination and reveal the secrets she holds to her mysterious magical power.

The series continues to explore the dark and dangerous world inhabited by fantastic creatures, sorcerers and sorcerers. On this occasion, Ciri finds herself in the crosshairs of those who wish to discover the true extent of her magical power. Her ability to control magic makes her the object of desire for several intriguing and powerful characters. In a desperate attempt to protect her, Geralt of Rivia embarks on a dangerous mission to secure the future of her protégé and unlock the secrets of her lineage.

In the films section, we want to highlight the one entitled Hold me strong and that it is among the premieres that Movistar Plus+ has scheduled. On June 27, it lands on the platform. Clarisse lies in bed, submerged in a sea of ​​memories captured on Polaroids. Her eyes slide over snapshots of her family, a blur of a past that was once her present.

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Nostalgia and the search for her own identity have led her to make a transcendental decision: to leave her home, leaving her husband and daughters behind. As she caresses the photographs of her, she feels a whirlwind of emotions crashing inside her. She wonders if her absence will affect her loved ones, if her departure will be noticed, and if her daily life will continue without interruption. A deep drama that is perfectly finished and acted.

The rest of the premieres in the week of June 26, 2023

we leave you one list of premieres that we believe you should not miss or, at least, take into account so as not to get bored at home now that the heat is really starting to get hot:


  • Muscles and chaos: An unauthorized version of ‘American Gladiators’: premiere of the first season on June 28
  • Delete: Premiere June 28
  • Run away, rabbit, run away: premiere on June 28
  • Nimona: premiere on June 29
  • Ōoku: The Private Chambers: Season 1 Premiere June 29
  • Power Rangers: Dino Fury: season two premiere June 30
  • It Happened in Manhattan: Premiere July 1
  • The legend of the fox: premiere on July 1


  • Warrior: Season 3 premieres June 29
  • GLY: premiere of the first season on June 30

Prime Video

  • Jack Ryan: season four premieres June 30


  • Great Expectations: Season One Premieres June 28
  • 548 days: Captured by a cult: premiere of the first season on June 30

Movistar Plus+

  • The lair: premiere on June 28


  • The Night Logan Slept: Premiere June 27
  • Saint Omer: premiere on June 30