Mozilla Thunderbird reaches version 102 with new area bar and more news

Mozilla Thunderbird reaches version 102 with new area bar and more news
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O Mozilla Thunderbird has been updated to version 102.0 and it brings some changes regarding e-mail connectivity. Likewise, the application now has a new area bar and has a redesigned message header, as well as a new address book and other implementations.

For starters, the service now has an improved account setup center, with the promise of making it easier for the user to use. In addition, it is always within reach of the person and with it, you can use an application feature to import contacts from other email clients.

Another implementation in Thunderbird is the area bar, which arrived to deliver faster access to the most important activities. That way, you can switch to email, address book, tasks, calendar, conversations, and more. There is also a shortcut to settings.

As for the message header, it now allows the user to focus on what really interests him, as it highlights the most relevant information. The new address book brings the ability to browse and interact with contacts, in addition to taking advantage of a new vertical layout to see information about someone.

Other new additions to the application include new support for conversations in the Matrix to protect private online conversations, as well as a new import and export center and also new link cards, allowing the user to convert addresses into a view with website content active, something similar to Twitter.

  • Check out more about Thunderbird 102.0 on its official website.

More about Mozilla applications: see the details of the new look of Thunderbird that should be implemented in the month of July, as well as the implementation of Firefox Relay applied to the browser recently.

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