Movies at half price if you use this app: Quickets offers last minute deals to watch movies

movies at half price if you use this app quickets.webp.webp.webp
movies at half price if you use this app quickets.webp.webp.webp

Do you want to go to the movies at the best price? There are various ways, such as taking advantage of the vouchers that chains usually offer or using cards such as MoviePass at Cinesaalthough they are not the only ways: Quicket offers access to last minute offers in cinemas so that watching movies is up to half price. Of course, at the moment it is a somewhat limited option.

With the rise of streaming platforms, and the absence of public caused by the pandemicmovie theaters little by little they recovered part of the attendees; even though the numbers have gone down compared to previous years. Somewhat decaffeinated releases, cinemas that close and the much feared inflation raising the cost of tickets. Although there are always solutions so that going to the movies from time to time does not end up being excessively expensive (as long as we don’t order popcorn).

Cheaper tickets if you wait until the last minute

Cinema Tickets

Given that movie theaters do not usually fill up completely even during the most popular premieres, taking advantage of those last seats can be a little cheaper as long as the cinema has joined the Quickets platform. This platform is a kind of last minute for the screening: as there is less left until the movie starts, and as long as there are spaces available, the cheaper the ticket will be.

Quickets is a ticket purchasing platform that is associated with the Odeon Multicines, La Vaguada and Yelmo cinema chains. Thanks to this association, and always accessed through the Quickets mobile apps, the platform offers a certain number of seats that The price goes down as the screening time gets closer..

The price system is quite similar to that of market auctions: If you wait until the last minute, the movie ticket can be very cheap.although you will always have the risk of losing the seat because another person has decided to purchase it at the price it was at that time.

As soon as you load the Quickets application, it will ask for the location to search for nearby movie theaters. Based on this data, the app will offer the upcoming films with their price reduced half an hour after the screening begins. The cost will decrease in two sections as the time approaches: 15 minutes after starting and 5 minutes. The purchase is made from the Quickets application and always during the aforementioned periods: 30, 15 and 5 minutes before the screening begins.

Cinema Tickets

Provinces where Quickets is active

Currently, there are not many cinemas where the use of Quickets is enabled, but the offer will surely expand once the service becomes popular. Additionally, the app also offers discounts for other purchases, such as movie theater menus. Both downloading and using the application are free and does not require registration.


Cheaper movie tickets

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