Nothing Phone 2a points to Google’s strategy with its Pixel: a mid-range mobile that draws on the high-end

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1702898270 840 560.jpeg

Nothing’s mid-range would have a redesign of the rear, would maintain the 50 megapixel cameras and would bet on MediaTek

After the company’s latest movements, it is clear that Nothing is here to stay. They are building a product ecosystem that already has three models of headphones, two mobile phones and even a sub-brand (CMF with headphones, a charger and a smartwatch). What is missing from its catalog is a mid-range mobile phone, and it seems that it will be the company’s next model.


And it is that, The existence of the Nothing Phone 2a has been leaked and, below, we will tell you everything we know about the mobile and, in addition, we will take a look at its back. At least, what can be seen of it.

A Nothing Phone 2a to compete against Redmi and Realme

With the launch of Nothing Phone (2)the company did not discontinue the Nothing Phone (1). This has remained the cheapest option, with a very attractive price (especially during sale periods) and, due to its processor, it was the company’s mid-range mobile.


However, It is not a mid-range as such, and that is where the Nothing Phone 2a would come into play. Following Google’s naming strategy with that ‘a’ that indicates that it is the cheapest mobile phones, but maintaining some characteristics of high-end mobile phones, the Nothing Phone 2a would become an option to try to penetrate further into the market .

According to the leak of Yogesh Brarwhich we can read in Android Authoritythe Nothing Phone 2a would mount the Dimensions 7200 like SoC. It is not the latest generation of MediaTek’s mid-range chips – they go for the 8000 series – but it is a good option to power a mobile phone in this range. Also It would be the way to differentiate premium mobile phones from Nothingwith the Snapdragon, and the mid-range ones.

Nothing Phone 2a with the protective case of the prototypes

This SoC would be accompanied by 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage and, if the leak image is true, it would arrive with Android 14, NothingOS 2.5 and two 50 megapixel cameras on the rear.


It is curious, but although the mobile is covered by the typical casing that the prototypes have, we can see that the cameras are arranged horizontally, breaking with the aesthetics that has characterized the two Nothing Phones launched so far. What we cannot see is the Glyph interface, the most representative element of the brand.


The screen will be 6.7 inches and a 120 Hz refresh rate and The Nothing Phone 2a is scheduled to be presented during the Nothing event at Mobile World Congress 2024. We will see what happens and, surely, from now on we will begin to see more leaks of the device.

Now, as we always say, this is nothing more than a leak. There is nothing official and it must be taken as… that, a leak that may contain information that varies from the beginning. In any case, on February 27 we will clear up doubtssince it is the date of the company’s event at the Barcelona fair.

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