We tested the Redmagic 9 Pro: the most powerful mobile phone available in Spain has a scandalous battery


Playing on Redmagic 9

This new generation of the device arrives in Spain with improvements in some of its most important points, such as the camera.

Redmagic has been doing a great job with its high-end gaming mobile for several generations, and with each new edition they have been able to see notable improvements in the sections that users most complain about. At the end of November, the company presented the Redmagic 9 Pro, its new model that is the most powerful Android mobile today.

Now this model is now available in Spain, and at EL ESPAÑOL – El Androide Libre we have been testing it for a few weeks to tell how our experience has been. This, We already told you, it has been quite good, and it is positive to see the good evolution of the mobile compared to its predecessor.

In this case, it is a mobile phone that has improved its cameras and battery, making this last point, together with the power provided by its hardware, two of the best features it can boast of. All this, furthermore, for a starting price of 649 euros for its base version, which is half of many of the high-end devices that it currently surpasses in power.

Improved design

This RedMagic 9 Pro is a splendid evolution compared to its predecessor in the design section. The vertical camera module located in the center is left behind to move it to the left side, making the circumference of each camera larger and aligning perfectly with the fan from the back. The only camera that is not found in this module is the macro. This sensor, being much smaller than the rest, is located just below the flash, next to the other two cameras.

One thing we really liked about this device is that its cameras do not protrude from the back, something that is unusual in today’s market and makes it extremely comfortable to use the device on a table, since the entire rear surface is supported at the same level. This prevents the phone from dancing when you touch it while it is supported, and gives it an appearance that I personally liked a lot.

Transparent back of the Redmagic 9 Pro

Another of the big changes for the better that there has been compared to the previous generation is the location of the buttons. Previously, the volume and power buttons were on different sides, which could cause ghost screenshots to be taken when turning off the device. Now, both are on the right side, above the switch to activate the device’s gaming mode, while above them is one of the openings for the fan. At the top and bottom of this margin we also find the touch triggers.

Its edges are completely flat, following the prevailing trend in the current market, which gives it a fairly rectangular and pleasing appearance. In the model we have analyzed, the back of the device is transparent, revealing some indicators such as the processor or the brand name. Some of the letters that in The back of the device is backlit. RGB that will be activated automatically when the gaming fan is turned on, although it is something that can be modified from the settings.

A very good screen

The Redmagic 9 Pro screen is one of the best on the market, and it is undoubtedly a very good bet for gaming. His BOE Q9+ OLED panel has a size of 6.8 inches at a resolution of 2,480 x 1,116 pixels, slightly higher than Full HD. The black colors are pure, since the pixels are turned off to represent the color, and the rest also stand out quite a bit

Its maximum peak brightness is 1,600 nits, which is a very high number. A figure similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which has 1,750 nits. As you can imagine, the results are very good, and the screen looks perfect, even if the day is very sunny and the light shines directly on the screen.

Streaming on the Redmagic 9 Pro

When playing, It moves fast and fluid thanks to its 120 Hz refresh ratebut also thanks to its high sampling frequency, 960 Hz. A figure this large implies that the screen has a higher response speed when we touch it, and it is noticeable in online games in which you have to be very fast.

The experience when watching multimedia content is also very good, and there is no problem spending hours on streaming apps like Netflix, HBO Max or other free alternatives. Thanks to its OLED technology, it is possible to enjoy functions such as the always-on screen, which shows the time and notifications when the mobile is locked.

Maximum power

Just looking at the hardware that the device has, it is evident that the company wanted to provide it with the best on the market to be able to run any type of game or application. Its processor is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which will be the person in charge of moving a good part of next year’s high rangeand that in this device it is accompanied by 16 GB of LPDDR5X RAM and 512 GB of UFS 4.0 storage.

It’s not that it’s more than enough for a mobile phone, but it would be a good combination even for a computer. This speaks volumes about the power of the device, what it is capable of doing and, most importantly, the years it can last functionally, since With these features it will be able to withstand the passage of time very decently.

Virtual RAM memory in Redmagic

Regarding the daily usability of the Redmagic 9 Pro, it must be said that it works like a shot, whether to download applications, upload files to the cloud or download applications. There is nothing that resists the device, and that is a very positive point in a mobile phone whose main objective is to offer the best gaming experience.

And, in that sense, it also provides an excellent experience every time a game is opened, regardless of whether it is simple or has a more complex graphics section. Besides, Its touch triggers are capable of providing a much better experience in all supported games, especially those that include shooting mechanics.

Battery and gaming-focused software

Mixing the efficiency of its processor and its 6,500 mAh battery, The autonomy of this device is simply incredible. We have been able to spend almost two days using the mobile intensively – although not all the time – without it running out. Using battery saving modes and with somewhat more moderate use, this can easily reach three days.

However, this is a gaming phone, and it is made to play, so we have also spent long sessions testing games and how they affect the battery. The performance in this sense is still very good, and although, logically, it lasts less, it can still be exceeded one day of use. Its fast charging has a power of 80 Wand the charger is included in the box, so the process will take just over half an hour.

Game hub on Redmagic 9 Pro

Moving on to the software, it is very positive that the mobile arrives directly with Android 14, the most recent version of Google’s operating system. Here, the brand has done its homeworksince some devices are still being seen coming onto the market, but they come with an older version.

In order to play, its side switch is capable of activating the game launcher. It is a platform on which it is possible to configure the ventilation system of the device, the lighting of the back and the configuration of the mobile when opening games, so that its performance can be optimized to the maximum every time the games are accessed from this section. In this way, it is possible to activate the switch and open the title you want to play very quickly.

GTA San Andreas on Redmagic 9 Pro

Its configuration for the use of the fan is very useful, since it can be activated either automatically when starting a game or when the user presses a button, and It is not necessary to open a specific app to be able to use it, but it can be activated at any time when the mobile phone is at too high a temperature. In fact, when charging it using fast charging it will be activated automatically so as not to damage the internal components of the mobile.

A simple camera

Gaming mobiles are not usually characterized by having a photographic section at the level of the high-end. After all, these are mobile phones that seek to offer the best experience in games, not in photography. In this case, the Redmagic 9 Pro has considerably improved on its predecessor. It has a basic, but effective sensor configuration to enjoy some versatility. Its main sensor has a 50 Mpx resolution, the same as the wide angle, while the macro is 2 Mpx. The selfie camera, which is located under the screen, has a resolution of 16 Mpx.

The camera application integrates many more photography modes, such as trail of lights, and has very interesting features. One of them is to have a level on the shoot button, which will allow you to have some guidance as to whether the image is straight. The results are still not outstanding compared to other somewhat more expensive high-end mobile phones.

The images taken with the device offer a good level of detail that, however, sometimes abuses artificial high sharpness. The representation of colors is correct, although sometimes it shows some colors too intensely. The night mode is capable of doing a good job as long as there is some light source that it can take advantage of. The selfie camera, although better than in the previous generation, still does not offer the same results as if it were in a hole in the screen.

I buy it?

It must be clear that this device is not the same as a conventional mobile phone, but is aimed at the public looking for great performance in games, or simply a mobile phone that is very powerful and has a lot of battery. This means that it offers a slightly lesser experience in the photographic section than some of its competing devices.

If this is not a priority, it is impossible not to recommend it. It has the best processor on the market along with 16 GB of RAM and a large amount of storage, which ensures that it will continue to move well in a few years, since this helps it age much better. Its battery is one of the best on the market, since with moderate use you can reach more than two days of autonomy without problem.

Redmagic 9 Pro cameras and fan

It has a screen that looks great in any situation and that, in addition, hides the camera under it to be able to take full advantage of the panel and not have any interruptions. It also performs very well in multimedia, and it is one of those phones that you want to use because of how well everything works.

Furthermore, far from clichés with Chinese brands, we have found very clean software, with few apps installed beyond Google services and some native applications, which is a point very much in favor of the mobile, which comes with just enough so that it can begin to be used.

Features Redmagic 9 Pro

Processor and memory


Rear camera

Front camera




Dimensions and weight


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