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Microsoft Teams will improve the way you communicate as a team

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Microsoft Teams is bringing a new feature that will make it easier for teams to communicate on the platform.

It is a function that has been on other similar platforms for a long time, but that Microsoft has been slow to bring to Teams. We tell you what this new dynamic is about.

Microsoft Teams will let you mention everyone in a group

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Microsoft Teams has many features that make it easy for us to communicate with our team members or external users. However, some basic options that have been available on other platforms for a long time are still missing, and that save us time and speed up the workflow.

For example, Microsoft Teams has long allowed you to tag anyone in a conversation, but it doesn’t have the basic option to tag everyone at once. A lack that already has an expiration date because Microsoft will begin to implement it in its service shortly.

Yes, the possibility of tagging everyone in a group with a simple action will be added, and without having to mention each one individually. As with other platforms, it will only be necessary to use @everyone to notify each registered user in the Teams channel.

This will make it easier to address a message to everyone without forgetting to mention someone. And of course, it will also make sure that messages that need attention are easily seen by everyone in the group, and don’t get lost in minor chats.

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One detail to keep in mind is that this option has not yet been implemented, but the Microsoft team promises that it will be released in December. An option that will be available both in the web and desktop version of Microsoft Teams as well as in the apps for iOS and Android.

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