LG presents in Spain its new ultra-thin QNED Smart TVs with MiniLED technology

lg presents in spain its new ultra thin qned smart tvs
lg presents in spain its new ultra thin qned smart tvs

lg qned

The Korean brand brings to Spain the latest from its catalog for Smart TV. And that finally presents in our country the latest series of MiniLED televisions with which energy consumption is reduced by up to 37% compared to the 2022 range. LG is once again committed to ultra-thin models with brighter colors.

When buying a Smart TV, LG is postulated as one of the brands that is most committed to a ultra-thin design, great image quality and greater energy efficiency. For this reason, its new QNED televisions have three fundamental pillars: Quantum Dots, Nanocell Plus and up to 30,000 MiniLEDs. And this is only the beginning of what these new models will be able to offer you.

New slimmer design

The design of the QNED range of the Korean firm changes to one finest than the one that can be found in the 2022 models. One more year, the brand seeks to reduce the thickness, making it 33% less than the previous generation. In the case of the QNED82 and QNED81, the manufacturer has installed a central rectangular flat base for the 55, 65 and 75 inch models. And the thickness of the panel goes from 4.5 centimeters to 2.9 cm.


Of course, it must be taken into account that, in Spain, the LG models of the series are already available. QNED99, QNED96, QNED81 and QNED82 in the official store of the brand in our country. However, the Smart TVs that are part of the series QNED86 and QNED75 will not arrive until July and August, respectively.

30,000 MiniLEDs with Deep learning

LG televisions have this range have approximately 30,000 MiniLEDs, that is, each one is 40 times smaller than a conventional LED. In addition, thanks to their Precision Dimming technology, these models offer «a brightness control accurate that makes every scene look and feel as realistic as possible«.

The LG QNED TVs They are equipped with LG’s new intelligent a7 Gen5 processor with Deep Learning. Among the main features of this chip is the AI ​​Picture Pro technology, which manages to analyze and adjust each frame, using Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro. In this way, the images are clearer and more dynamic.


Here are the new QNED 2023 Smart TVs from LG

And there is no doubt that these types of panels are also designed for gamers, since they have technologies such as Dolby Vision HDR and they can enjoy a 4K resolution at 120 Hz. And not to forget to mention that they have HDMI 2.1 and AMD FreeSync technology.

Better audio and web experienceOS23

In addition to all of the above, this new range of QNED by LG It will let you enjoy a sound bar without cables thanks to the newly released function wow cast. With this tool, users can wirelessly connect the soundbar and TV in a matter of seconds. And best of all, thanks to IMAX Enhanced Sound from DTS:X and WOW Orchestra, there’s no loss in audio quality.

Another important detail of these new models is that many of the Korean brand’s QNED televisions are released with the latest version of the firm’s operating system: webOS 23. With this version you will find increasingly customizable options such as its new Quick Cards, which will allow you to group content into different categories. So this new generation of LG brings everything.

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