Xiaomi hides a trick to save battery on its phones, so you can use it

Xiaomi hides a trick to save battery on its phones, so you can use it
xiaomi hides a trick to save battery on its phones,

Xiaomi hides a trick to save battery on its phones, so you can use it

The Xiaomi, more specifically its operating system, has a good number of tricks that make its use much more complete and effective. One of them allows save some energy battery and this can be a lifesaver at times. We show you the steps you have to take to use this option.

One of those options is in the Developer Settings that can be activated on any device with Android operating systemand that provide additional functions to optimize the system and extend the autonomy of the smartphone if you know exactly what to use in this section of MIUI customization.

An option that is hidden, but that is useful

One of the functions that you must know and take into account its activation is the one that allows limit background processes. This helps reduce battery consumption generated by the execution of multiple processes simultaneously, whether it is the operating system itself or the applications you have installed.

It is true that as Android devices have increased the amount of available RAM, they have become more efficient in handling various open applications. But this also means a higher energy consumption is associated with it, and therefore you may not want to spend for the purpose of aincrease autonomy as much as possible.

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Use the battery saving trick on your Xiaomi

Thanks to the aforementioned developer settings, you can control in a much more concrete way how the smartphone works. And, one of the possibilities, is that of manually manage the number of background processes that are executed, which will allow us to save energy. The savings are not impressive, but with the sum that is made throughout the day, the truth is that it ends up noticing.

The first thing you have to do is enable Developer Settings on your Xiaomi device. Once you have done this, the steps that you have to take are the ones that we indicate next:

  • Access the “Additional settings” and look for the “Developer settings” option in your terminal of the Asian company.
  • Scroll down until you find the “Applications” section and then select “Limit Background Processes”. This is what will allow you to save energy.
  • Here you can choose the number of background processes you want to allow on your Xiaomi, the options range from zero to a maximum of four, which will restrict the activity of background applications. Select what you think best suits your needs, it is recommended to start with establishing two.

With this configuration, you will be able to have greater control over the processes that run in the background and optimize the autonomy of your Xiaomi phone to the max. And best of all, you can always go back to the original configuration without putting your terminal at risk.


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