LarkBox X 2023, a small and economical Mini PC from Chuwi

larkbox x 2023 de chuwi.jpg
larkbox x 2023 de chuwi.jpg

He LarkBox X 2023 It is a new option of compact equipment designed by the firm low cost chuwi. A mini pc which is very affordable but perfectly set up for current times.

LarkBox X 2023, compact and efficient

The signature chuwi presents you a new mini pc. It’s about the model Larkbox X 2023a very complete small computer with the attractiveness of the company’s low prices.

Product characteristics

The new mini pc of chuwi is not satisfied with getting your attention with a low costalso strives to offer the best performancehighlighting in the section of the connectivity. Looks great and only measures 173 x 158 x 73mm for a weight of just 460 grams.

Chuwi LarkBox X 2023

Chuwi’s LarkBox X 2023, a truly compact and light miniPC

The brand new Chuwi Larkbox X 2023 assemble a processor Intel N100with reduced energy consumption, with 4 cores and frequencies up to 3.40GHz. It is complemented with 12GB memory LPDDR5 RAM and storage SSD with 512GB capacity.

More details of the computer

The manufacturer guarantees stability based on a good cooling system with heat pipes of 8mm and an efficient fan which promises not to cloud long sessions of use of the device with noise. So it can go completely unnoticed in your office or living room due to its silent operation and tiny proportions.

Chuwi LarkBox X 2023

Complete connectivity that covers all needs and includes the latest in wireless technology

At a wireless level, it is a cutting-edge product, since it works with the standards Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2. On the connector side, you have plenty to cover any need: double RJ45with controller Gigabit; four ports USB 3.0, distributed between front and rear; a USB C; connector Jack 3.5mm; HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort. All this for a recommended price of only 199 dollars.

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