Mac Studio 2023, now with M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips

mac studio 2023.jpg
mac studio 2023.jpg

Manzana presents the Mac Studio 2023an update that incorporates the chip M2Max and the new M2Ultra to offer you great performance in the compact design that distinguishes the product.

Mac Studio 2023, the most powerful to date

Manzana revolutionized the professional sector with its mac studio, a team that has become a fundamental part of hundreds of thousands of studies around the world. Well, the company revealed in the WWDC23 that, like the monumental mac prothe small computer has been improved with the chip M2Maxthe new chip M2Ultra and increased connection options.

Product characteristics

The brand new mac studio It presents a great advance in performance compared to the previous generation. The model equipped with the chip M2Max It is up to 50% faster than mac studio of the previous generation and four times faster than the iMac of 27 inches more powerful with processor Intel. Something that makes possible your CPU of 12 cores further GPU of up to 38 cores and up to 96 GB of unified memory with a memory bandwidth of 400GB/s.

Mac Studio 2023

Mac Studio is a compact for professionals

On the other hand, models with chip M2Ultra They take performance to new heights, doubling the performance and capabilities of the M2Max. Thanks to one CPU of 24 coresa GPU of up to 76 cores and up to 192 GB of unified memory with a memory bandwidth of 800GB/sit is up to three times faster than mac studio with the M1 Ultra of the previous generation and up to six times faster than the iMac of 27 inches more powerful with processor Intel.

More details of the computer

Important, now they have HDMI with greater bandwidth. This allows them to obtain a resolution of up to 8K and frame rates that reach 240Hz. And be careful, thanks to chip M2Ultraadmits up to six Pro Display XDR monitors.

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Mac Studio 2023

Advanced wireless technologies have also been added as standard: connection Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3; four ports Thunderbolt 4; 10Gb Ethernet; he HDMI improved; and a couple of USB-A, In the back; and in front it includes two ports USB-C and one SD card slot. Available from June 13, you can reserve it now, from €2,429.

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