It is already a reality: you can finally use WhatsApp on several phones at the same time

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1682439619 273933 1682439828 rrss normal.jpg

There is an improvement that has been in demand for the WhatsApp application for a long time: the possibility of using an account on different devices. And, from what has just been known (and officially), the company owned by Meta has taken the step to respond to the aforementioned to the joy of many. What has been indicated is that the possibility of linking a WhatsApp account to up to three additional phones is open, so the jump is very important both qualitatively and quantitatively. The process and way of working is exactly the same as that already known for tablets, web browsers and, of course, clients for computers. It does not lack any security It is important to mention that each device works independently, which has several details that are positive. The first is that the control that is achieved from each one of them is excellent, since there is no problem regarding the use that is given to each one of the teams -and neither is there any loss of information-. Besides, and this is also important, end-to-end encryption of conversations is maintained, so security is maintained at the same high level as usual on the platform. On the other hand, there is something that is quite right in the new function that is included in WhatsApp: if a long time passes without the main phone using the application, the rest automatically log off. This is ideal to avoid problems with theft or loss of terminals. Apart from simplicity, this new option This is one of the great improvements that exist in the novelty, since the change between terminals is more intuitive and faster. So much so, that it is not necessary to do anything more than click on the app icon on the chosen device and you can start using everything as usual. It can also be an excellent possibility for small companies that can centralize in a WhatsApp account (which can be perfectly Business), which saves time and optimizes the response to customers or colleagues. An imminent arrival As reported by the company itself, in a matter of a few weeks all users will be able to enjoy this new feature on their phones. By the way, it has also been known that an additional way will be included shortly when linking different types of devices. This will consist of receiving a unique code to complete the process and not having to resort to QR codes, which is sometimes not optimal. >

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