iOS 7: here are the 3 features that will not be available at launch

1685995445 492 ios 17 apple unveils standby an option that turns your.jpg
1685995445 492 ios 17 apple unveils standby an option that turns your.jpg

If Apple did not skimp on the announcements concerning iOS 17 during its last WWDC conference, it is to be expected that not all the features presented will be there on launch day. And indeed, the Cupertino company has confirmed that at least three of them will be missing.

iOS 17 iPhone StandBy

iOS 17 is already shaping up to be a very important update for Apple’s operating system. During WWDC 2023, the Cupertino company spent some time listing all the features that will arrive at the launch and deployment of this new version. Jumbled up, we can notably cite the very interesting StandBy mode, or the possibility of resetting your locking code more easily.

Only here, with so many announcements on the counter, Apple already admitted half-word that it would be difficult to embark everything on launch day. The manufacturer has since confirmed this officially on its website. Currently, at least 3 features announced at the last conference will not be available when iOS 17 rolls out: Log, Airdrop via Internet and collaborative playlists on Apple Music.

At least 3 features coming later to iOS 17

Diary is a new application that aims to digitally record the most important moments of your life. Through suggestions, in the form of photos, pieces of music and other sports sessions, you will have access to a whole thread retracing your most beautiful memories, to which you can also add your own comments.

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All these new features will be available “later this year”, says Apple. We will therefore have to wait for another update, the date of which we do not yet know, to take advantage of it.

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