In the sights of justice: Apple is accused of interrogating and coercing employees in New York

In the sights of justice: Apple is accused of interrogating and coercing employees in New York
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Apple is again in the crosshairs of justice, more precisely of a judge from the National Council on Labor Relations who is accusing it of having violated the rights of employees of the New York store. The company has previously been accused of planned obsolescence of iPhones in France.

According to Bloomberg, Judge says Apple violated the rights of its employees at the World Trade Center Apple Store by asking them what they thought about unionization and restricting the use of pro-union fliers.

In its defence, Apple denies any wrongdoing in relation to opposing unions, although some Apple Stores in Australia have already warned employees that the company has a “dark” view on discussing unionization and even worse on voting on the matter. .

Despite this, Australian workers have already forced Apple to work with unions in 2022 over weekends and wages. Apple Stores in Maryland and Oklahoma, USA, also chose to cooperate with unions in 2022, indicating a trend, although it is not particularly desirable for the company.

During a hearing in January, Jason Stanevich, Apple’s attorney, said the following before the same judge who recently sent the company a letter:

Apple fosters an open and inclusive work environment where employees are not just allowed, but encouraged, to share their feelings and thoughts on a range of issues, from social justice topics to pay equity and anything else they feel is important. it is an important cause to promote in the workplace.

The expectation is that Apple will cooperate more with its employees in the coming months to avoid unrest among its workers in Apple Stores, as the launch of the iPhone 15 should take place in September, one of the most important events of the year for the brand.

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