If you have these applications on your mobile, delete them now: they steal your data to blackmail you

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790181111 235623143 1706x960.jpg

More than 15 applications have been discovered on Google Play that contain a virus that can steal user data to extort money from them.


Generally, malware on Android is hidden in other applications thanks to which it is able to camouflage itself and sneak into mobile phones and tablets, which is where they begin to operate. Even the pirated IPTVs that some people in Spain use can be the entry point for viruses.

The apps that usually cause problems are those that are installed from unreliable third-party stores. However, in this case, 18 applications hosted on Google Play have been discovered that contained malware and that, if they are installed on a mobile phone or tablet, it is essential to delete them quickly.

Its objective, as always, has been user data, and ESET has given the name SpyLoan to this software, because, for the most part, they are financial apps. Or at least that’s what they promise in their description, since, when push comes to shove, They did not fulfill their mission, but it was a deception.

Uninstall immediately

Among the applications discovered with malware, some like GuayabaCash even have a website with which they have tried to maintain a serious image that inspires confidence in the people who download it. However, what they are looking for is for you to download one of these apps, since, from the browser, none of these sites can access users’ confidential data. These are the following:

The first thing you should do if you have one of these installed on your mobile is to delete it immediately. Many of them are no longer even available on Google Play, but they can continue on the devices on which they were previously available. Count on around 12 million downloads in totalso they were quite widespread.

The cybercriminals behind this series of applications used them to gather information from users, and then use it to blackmail and extort the people who own the devices in order to get them to pay different sums of money from time to time.

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