Heycami AI: what it is and how to use the WhatsApp Artificial Intelligence chat

heycami ai what it is and how to use the.webp.webp.webp
heycami ai what it is and how to use the.webp.webp.webp

WhatsApp you are going to have chats with AIbut while we continue waiting for them to be activated outside the United States, other initiatives are covering the ground of chats with AIas LightIA or Heycami. We tell you how the latter works and what you can do with it.

Cami is a simple way to chat with ChatGPT directly from WhatsAppgenerate images with the magic of Stable Diffusion and talk about literally anything you can think of.

What is Heycami AI

Heycami is a service that connects you with an AI bot on WhatsApp, so you can chat even if none of your friends are online at that moment. Internally, it is based on ChatGPT 3.5 and 4.0 for chat and Stable Diffusion for image generation.

By functioning as a chat, It’s free and you don’t need to register anywhere. All you have to do is open a chat with Cami and from then on everything is carried out through text messages or even voice messages.


Cami can respond to us even if we send her voice messages

How to open a chat with Cami

To start chatting with Cami you just need open your official website, Heycami.ai and press the WhatsApp button. The bot is also available for LINE.

The link takes you to a WhatsApp chat conversation with Cami, so it will open directly with WhatsApp if you open it on your mobile. When it appears, press Continue to chat.


At the outset we are going to have a message ready to

If Cami detected a different language, you can always change the language with the /language command and the language. To write in Spanish, type /language español. Cami supports a large number of languages ​​including English, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German, to name a few.

What you can do with Cami

Once inside the chat, everything depends on your imagination and what you want to ask. Cami can help you with basically anything, similar to how ChatGPT works, although Their answers are usually much shorter and to the point.without beating around the bush like the official OpenAI ChatGPT sometimes does.

ask him then that gives you recommendations of what to see or do in a


However, the funniest thing about it is ask you to adopt the personality of a famous personsomething you can do with the command /personality followed by the name of the famous person in question.

After making the request, Cami spends a while thinking and getting into the role. Since then, will answer you as if it were that personality, until you tell him otherwise. To return to normal mode, you must type /personality Cami.


Cami adopting the personality of David Bisbal and Satan himself

You can too use Cami to generate images directly from a WhatsApp chat. The build is based on an undetermined Stable Diffusion version and is performed using the command /imagine followed by the description of what we want to create.

Although Cami warns us that the generation can take a while, the truth is that the image is usually ready in a few seconds. The result varies a lot depending on what we ask, although in general it seems to be based on an old version of Stable Diffusion, since the results are sometimes somewhat unintelligible. It’s part of the charm too.


With the personalities, the generation of images and the fact that they are just a chat away, I’m sure Cami will keep you entertained for a long timestarving until Zuckerberg dares to activate WhatsApp AI chats around the world.

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