How to protect a conversation on WhatsApp using the Chat Lock feature

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The WhatsApp application already has a new function that allows you to block specific chats with your fingerprint, instead of having to protect the entire application as it had been done for a couple of years. This novelty is called “Chat Lock” and provides the ability to protect our most private chats from prying eyes. We will tell you how it is used to fully customize the messaging app. Protected conversations will not be listed next to non-blocked ones, but will require device authentication to read their content, and the message will not be displayed in mobile phone notifications either. In other words, an important step is taken in terms of privacy. Steps to protect your conversations on WhatsApp WhatsApp has implemented a new method that is very specific and efficient. On Android devices, it relies on the fingerprint reader (which can be built into the power button or on the screen itself). To do this, you simply have to open the conversation you want to protect and click on the name in the top bar to open the information window. There you will find the option “Block chats” right at the bottom of the screen. The next step you must take is to check the option “Lock this chat with a fingerprint” and, once our identity is confirmed using the biometrics of the device, the chat will be completely protected. It is important to note that, to use WhatsApp blocked chats, it is necessary to have previously configured the fingerprints on the device so that it can recognize them properly. If everything went well, you will see the message “This chat is now blocked”. From then on, new message notifications will not be displayed and the chat itself will not be displayed in the WhatsApp conversations list along with the others. It is important to note that this protection only applies to WhatsApp on the mobile device and does not extend to other devices, such as the version or the version for computers. These are the summarized steps to protect a WhatsApp chat with a fingerprint. Where is the protected chat When you protect a WhatsApp conversation with a password, it is no longer visible in the chat list along with the others (without affecting the reception of messages). Instead, it will show up in the folder called “Blocked Chats” at the top of the chats list. This isn’t always visible and sometimes you need to swipe down to display it. >

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