Google Shopping receives virtual fitting room with AI and more search options

Google Shopping receives virtual fitting room with AI and more search options
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After winning a product test in augmented reality, Google’s shopping arm, Shopping, is receiving a tool in the United States that takes advantage of generative artificial intelligence resources to bring a virtual fitting room to selected models.

The novelty announced this Wednesday (14) provides a kind of virtual dressing room in which the user can see the result of certain clothes (for now, only women’s tops from selected brands) in a wide variety of real models, of different ethnicities, skin tones, hair and body shapes, from the smallest to the largest.

Google’s idea is to reproduce certain clothes on the models, showing details of fit, folds, shadows, if it would be stuck or loose, etc. from different angles, in order to help users in online shopping, choosing from the model that best suits their body.

For now, models that bring this feature will carry the “Try On” seal, or try it, over the store image on the search platform. Just tap to try the feature, which should soon also support other clothing, including men’s, in addition to contemplating other countries.

The novelty in Shopping came along with more search filters, so that searches are more refined, allowing the user to search for cheaper pieces, in different colors, patterns, or even to find similar clothes in other stores.

The search engine is also based on AI to recognize the colors, patterns and shapes of clothing and includes a wide catalog of virtual stores – also, for the time being, limited to searches for the female audience.

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