Google Maps is broken (in some places) and this is the curious way of users to notice it

The fact that Google Maps is one of the main mobile map apps means that it is constantly being developed. See for example its recent integration of Street View indoors or the recommendations of ecological routes. Nevertheless, it is not a perfect app. Not much less.

In this post we collect several proofs of it. And there are those who have found one curious way to report Google Maps errors to prevent tourists from being disoriented by the bad indications of the Google app.

It can be funny, but it can also be dangerous

It was the French cartographer Jules Grandin who, via Twitterhas compiled in a thread several posters with which in some places they warn of Google Maps errors. All this so that strangers in the area can get lost by paying attention to poor signaling by the well-known application.

Google Maps Posters

This is the case of these four posters originally unveiled by Jason Scott. In them, in English, they indicate dead ends or the signaling that this place is not the one that Google claims to be. Although the most striking thing seems to be that the map system shows as public roads some areas that are privatewhich gives a lot of context to the anger that those who live there will have and often see outsiders pass by, unrelated to Google’s error.

Posters Google Maps Errors

There are also others who, without literally quoting Google, also blame GPS for mistakes. This is how it looks in another photograph posted on Twitter by a user named Atomly and in which a sign is shown warning that access to the beach is not that way. In fact, a certain height is appreciated as if it were a cliff, so it is intuited certain danger in case of ignoring the poster and follow the browser instructions.

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In Spain we also have Google Maps failures

You will think that these errors can occur in very remote points of the international geography, but nothing is further from the truth. We recently learned of a Google Maps bug in Huelva, which, being the provincial capital, It cannot be precisely classified as a very remote place.

This fault lies in not reporting on a bridge between Punta Humbría and Huelva. Those who live in these places and/or make this journey relatively frequently, are well aware of its existence in order to cross the Odiel River. However, tourists or new residents of the area will encounter a problem if they use Google Maps.

The Google map system, not recognizing the existence of the aforementioned bridge, doubles the travel time between the two mentioned cities. However, the greatest curiosity of this matter comes from the fact that from Huelva to Punta Umbría does detect it.

Error Google Maps Huelva

Route from Punta Umbría to Huelva (does not detect the bridge)

Error Google Maps Huelva Punta Umbria

Route from Huelva to Punta Umbría (if it detects the bridge)

Therefore, our recommendation if you want to avoid problems is that you always compare the routes between different mobile GPS apps. Also, if you detect a bug, you can report it to Google, as indicated on their support website.

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