Google Maps announces new features perfect for visiting cities

News has just been announced for the Google Maps application, and these are the most interesting to answer the questions you have when visiting an unknown place. Possibly, the most striking is the one called Immersive View, which will allow you to plan in a very specific way the outing that you have scheduled with friends or family. To use this new option, the use of Artificial Intelligence, aerial images of different locations and, also, Street View technology have been combined. In this way, on the screen of the terminal in which you use Google Maps you will be able to see both the highlights that exist and what is not recommended to visit (always based on the opinion of other users). This is shown with a view that can be easily zoomed in and out, so you will even know what the restaurant you plan to eat looks like. Besides, and this is very important -and thanks to the history that the application already has-, the view can show what the situation is like at the time a location is reviewed (we are referring to the weather or traffic) and, also, a forecast of what you will find in that place in the future. Consequently, you will be quite clear if you have to take a jacket or if it is better to travel by public transport. At the moment, this new feature is available in 250 places, and it will be constantly expanded. More news coming to Google Maps Apart from the aforementioned, Google has announced that it will also deploy the Neighborhood Vibe tool in the application -which combines perfectly with the aforementioned-. With this you will be able to know in a quite precise way what makes a neighborhood special. And, for this, everything from photographs to augmented reality (AR) are used. In this way, it will be very easy to know what is the highlight that a place offers, such as if there is a wide gastronomic offer or if there are places where it is possible to enjoy a bohemian and artistic atmosphere. Without a doubt, an excellent option when you are visiting a city that you do not know and you do not want to waste time finding what you like. Another arrival: Search with Live View This is the long-awaited major integration of augmented reality in Google Maps and, for the first time, coverage will be given to the following cities (which will progressively increase in number): London, New York, Paris, Saint Francis and Tokyo. With the use of this option, you will be able to see what the restaurants, supermarkets or train and bus stations are like so that you can visually recognize what you are looking for -once you have it located-. It will be released for both iOS and Android. All the new features that we are talking about will be added to the application in the coming months and, the truth is that they are advances that will make Google Maps remain the best map app that exists without any doubt. >