Gigabyte G5 MF5-52ES354SD, it’s time to play

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The laptop gaming Gigabyte G5 MF5-52ES354SDa slightly superior variant of the Gigabyte G5 MF-E2ES333SDplays with the technological advantages of the latest in graphics and processors so you can impose your mastery in virtual worlds. A machine with which succeed competitively but it is also perfect to boost your career. content creator or win productivity.

Design, construction and configuration of the Gigabyte G5 MF5-52ES354SD

The reference MF5-52ES354SD belongs to the range of modern laptops G5 of the 2023. An attractive device gaming made by Gigabyte with tons of features for play to your liking at the highest level of competition.

Gigabyte G5 MF5-52ES354SD

A powerful proposal to deploy your game in your style

He Gigabyte MF5-52ES354SD It is a product that easily enters the eyes. Especially if you are from the rope gamer. It sports a current design whose distinctive point is the wick pattern that breaks the monotony of the forceful chassis of 360 x 238 x 22.7mm and 2.08kg.

Make your game shine

The family G5 incorporates the magic of RGBinherent to any device gaming, on the keyboard. A lighting system that makes the keys vibrate with fifteen preset colorseach more striking, to express your style as you wish.

Gigabyte G5 MF5-52ES354SD

Backlit keyboard with 15 predefined colors

The enjoyment of softness in a clear view

Any self-respecting player is not going to be satisfied with a simple display Full HD of 15.6 inches. The demands of gaming competitive and the precision necessary to obtain results in each duel require a panel that responds quickly. Just what it offers you Gigabyte G5 MF5-52ES354SD when framing a screen with a high refresh rate. Thank you to your 144Hz You won’t struggle to hit your rivals with blurry images nor will your targets fog up no matter how fast you move the cursor.

Gigabyte G5 MF5-52ES354SD

15.6-inch 144Hz FHD panel

Technical details of the MF5-52ES354SD

The Serie G5 can boast of being a technological spearhead. Gigabyte incorporates the latest components, including the best series of CPUs and GPUs that reach the market. Thus, this model belonging to the promotion of 2023has a great GeForce RTX 4050with 6GB memory GDDR6, and therefore has the ability to display an overwhelming graphic level. This is a piece of hardware whose power has revolutionized not only the video gamealso breathes tremendous encouragement into fields of productive and the creativity.

Gigabyte G5 MF5-52ES354SD

The proven power of the 13th generation Intel

Furthermore, the MF5-52ES354SD has assembled a formidable Intel of the thirteenth generation. Nothing less than the Core™ i5-13500H launched a few months ago. Its hybrid technology combines quad core performance with maximum turbo frequency of 4.7GHz and eight efficiency capable of achieving the 3.5GHz. Has 18 MB Cache and power for everything you propose, with the virtue of being able to adapt to the level demanded by each requirement so as not to waste resources or hinder performance in priority tasks.

Gigabyte G5 MF5-52ES354SD

Exclusive WindForce cooling system keeps the laptop stable under any workload with quiet performance

The system is strengthened with 16 GB memory DDR5 to 4800MHz and a generous NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSD of 1TB of capacity that promises to fly in data management. A space assisted by a modest MicroSD card reader, which can save you in a pinch. It is important to note that the product It is delivered without the operating system necessary to function. Therefore, you have the job of setting up the equipment from scratch. Finally, mention that Gigabyte is not very ambitious in this range with the batteries, since the reference again integrates a lithium-ion of only 54Wh.

Connectivity and audio of the Gigabyte G5 MF5-52ES354SD

The excellent possibilities of this device for gamethe productivity and the content creation are complemented with some great connective skills. To begin with, the manufacturer takes advantage not only of the sides of the machine, but also has connectors in the rear area of ​​the laptop. This is a huge benefit, as it improves the wiring distribution at your table to enjoy a better organized and spacious deskgiven that Gigabyte relocates to the back I/O ports for thick cables. It has a lot of ports USB of all kinds, including fantastic ones 3.2 Gen 2 Type C, so as not to leave any peripherals unused. Added to them are the essential HDMI; a Mini DisplayPort 1.4; the necessary RJ-45 network; and practical jacks audio.

Gigabyte G5 MF5-52ES354SD

Rear ports make it easy to arrange cables on your desk

On the other hand, the hardware multimedia G5 includes a correct microphone, 2W speakersand disappointing webcam HD. However, the sour taste left by the poor resolution of the webcam is offset by the unbeatable wireless standard Wi-Fi 6E of ultra low latencyincluded by the manufacturer. Speed and scope for your wireless connections, which also guarantees stability in every duel on-line and direct ones for platforms streaming.

Technical specifications of the G5 MF5-52ES354SD

Below we leave you a summary table with all the technical details and extras of the Gigabyte MF5-52ES354SD:

Gigabyte G5 MF5-52ES354SD
Dimensions 36 x 23.8 x 2.27cm
Weight 2.08 kg approx.
Color Black (wick pattern)
Screen technology IPS / 144Hz
Dimension 15.6 inches diagonal
Resolution FHD (1920 x 1080)
CPU Intel® Core™ i5-13500H (maximum turbo frequency 4.7 GHz, 18 MB cache, 12 cores)
GPU NVIDIA GeForce® RTX 4050 with 6 GB GDDR6
RAM 16 GB DDR5 4800 MHz (Max. 64 GB)
Ability 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSD
card reader Micro SD
Optical unit No
Keyboard and touchpad
Spanish keyboard Yes, full size with numeric keypad
Backlight keyboard Yes, in 15 colors
Multi-gesture touchpad Yeah
OS version No operating system
Make and model/Resolution HD 1.0M
Guy Lithium-ion
Ability 54Wh
Connection ports
  • USBs:
    • 2.0 Type A
    • 3.2 Gen 1 Type A
    • 3.2 Gen 2 Type C
  • 3.5mm audio jack combo connector
  • Microphone jack
  • HDMI
  • Mini DisplayPort 1.4
  • RJ-45
Wifi 6E
Bluetooth 5.2
2‎ 2W speakers / DTS:X / microphone
Other features
Power supply 150W adapter
Refrigeration WINDFORCE

Conclusions, availability and price of the Gigabyte G5 MF5-52ES354SD

Gigabyte G5 MF5-52ES354SD

The G5 MF5-52ES354SD is a fantastic choice for new and veteran gamers

Choose this configuration G5 of 2023 It’s a winning bet. The laptop oozes power and there are no weak points in the configuration thanks to the good matching of components. So that the Gigabyte MF5-52ES354SDas a new generation model, opens the doors to the best electronic entertainment and the productivity Without restrictions.

  • High-end hardware.
  • 144Hz screen.
  • Top-level connectivity.

  • Not generous battery.
  • Does not include operating system.

Total score

CPU performance

GPU performance




Design and construction

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