Google launches the Pixel 8 in mint green and brings new AI functions to its phones in Spain


The new mobile receives a colorful new finish and incorporates Circle to search, Magic writing in Messages and Photomojis.


Last October Google announced the Pixel 8, its high-end phones that compete at the highest level. Now, in its promise of continuous updating, the Mountain View (USA)-based company has announced both the availability of new features based on artificial intelligence (AI) and a new and attractive mint color which is now available in Spain.

The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro in mint color are available from today in the Google Store, while the deployment of the new functions that They make the mobile phone more useful and versatile It starts tomorrow and will be completed in a few weeks, the company explains in a statement.

Some of these features that come to the latest Google phones also arrive in Samsung’s high-end, the Galaxy S24, that can boast a leap forward in powerful artificial intelligence tools that seek to be more useful to the user.


Specific, the functionalities that Google brings to your Pixel phones starting this week are: Circle to search, Magical writing in Messages and personalized Photomojis, a trio of new features that complement the new tools that Pixels are gradually receiving in that promise of updating for 7 years.

Circle to search

Searching for things on the internet with your Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro is easier than ever thanks to a new, and simple gesture: surround what is seen on the screen. Starting January 31, the new Circle to Search feature allows Google’s AI to find anything we’re looking at on our phone without having to leave that screen or change applications.

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To activate it, just press and hold the Pixel’s home button or navigation bar; then circle what you want on the screen, scribbling it with a circle. The user will immediately access more information, wherever they are.

In practice, it is a more advanced function of Google Lens that we are used to, and it can be used to identify the clothes a YouTuber is wearing, get help with a crossword puzzle or know where a photograph we are looking at is located. Additionally, with the latest AI-assisted advancements in Mixed Search, The user will be able to ask a complex question related to the image you have on the screen.

Best writing

One of the most interesting details of AI is the ability to help when composing messages. From now on, it will help to change the tone or wording of our messages, whether we are looking for a more professional tone, more formal or to specify an idea.

This functionality will not only reach the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro but will also reach older Google Pixel models, since it will be available from the Pixel 6, the phone launched at the end of 2021. In any case it will be in the Pixel 8 Pro where it works best, and in this case it runs on the device thanks to Gemini Nano, Google’s most efficient language model for tasks in it.

personalized photomojis

The Fotomoji feature, available in Google Messages, allows users to transform favorite photos in reactions with the help of Google AI, which runs on the device. The only thing the user will have to do is select a photo, check how they want to react and click send.

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The different creations They will be saved in a special tab, so you can reuse them as many times as you want. Additionally, friends in your chat groups will also be able to use those photomojis you send.


Other features

This update on Pixel phones is not the only one that has reached the Google ecosystem in recent weeks. On the one hand, the form has been improved to Share content quickly. Called Quick Share – previously called Nearby – it allows you to quickly transfer images, files and text from the Pixel mobile with any compatible device through the Android, Chromebook and Windows ecosystems.

To do this, just touch the new icon Quick Share and a list of nearby devices will appear with which to share content, even if you do not have an internet connection at that moment.

As happens in other ecosystems such as Apple, privacy is in the hands of the user, since in the phone settings you can establish who can detect the device (anyone, only your contacts or only your own devices)

On the other hand, now the Pixel Watch also has the function Audio Change; This way, when the user switches from one paired device to another, the Pixel Buds Pro automatically connect. There is no need to switch from one to the other manually.

The user can now switch the Pixel Buds Pro from the Pixel Watch to any Pixel phone or tablet and receive useful notifications wherever the audio is. Everything to achieve an ecosystem fluidity more advanced than ever.

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