This is how you can activate Gemini Nano on your Pixel 8 Pro: Google’s ChatGPT starts working on WhatsApp

With an open war between technology companies. Google has been pushed to put its most cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence within the reach of users. And Gemini Nano is available in Google Pixel 8 Pro: Although it still does not do everything that the company anticipated, it does begin to predict responses to WhatsApp messages. And you can activate it.

Google announced its most advanced AI engine, a multimodal model that aims to renew all the products that the company offers to users; whether they are individuals or companies. Gemini is the name chosen to rule them all, said model comes in three flavors: Nano, intended for local use in devices; Pro, for human interaction tools and Ultra, an advanced mode for applications that require great power. And now it can be tested.

Gemini Nano is shyly shown on the Google Pixel 8 Pro

Gemini Nano Whatsapp

As is often the case, it is one thing for Google to announce something and quite another for it to be within our reach, even though the company claims that it has already distributed it to users. This is the case of Gemini Nano, which should already be found in the Google Pixel 8 Pro, a half-truth.

Gemini Pro can be tested on Google Bard, so we confirmed. In the case of Gemini Nano, the tool comes with a system app that the Pixel 8 Pro includes: AICore. This app has a proactive operation, since intervenes depending on what the user is doing. And that’s where WhatsApp comes into play, the only scenario where Gemini Nano can currently be tested easily.

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Intelligent responses have been present on Android for quite some time, this function is provided by Android System Intelligence. With Gemini Nano Google takes a step forward, since the system can respond in a much more complete, humane way and learning from the context. It’s just what already works on WhatsApp. More or less.

Once the Gemini Nano is forced to operate, and as long as the GBoard keyboard is used, the AI ​​model learns from the WhatsApp conversation to suggest complete responses to the arrival of messages. From our tests, its operation is still limited, the suggestions are quite brief (are not much different from native smart responses) and tend to be more extensive in English. Despite these drawbacks, it is worth trying if you have a Pixel 8 Pro.

How to force Gemini Nano on the Google Pixel 8 Pro

The process does not require ROOT access or a specific system version: it is suitable for any updated Pixel 8 Pro. The steps are like this:

  • Make sure you have the Gemini Nano module updated. For it, Download the latest AICore APK and install it on your Pixel 8 Pro.
  • Open Android settings, scroll down to “Phone information” and press several times on “Build number” (at the bottom) until the developer options are activated.
  • Go back to the settings and enter “System”.
  • Access the “Developer Options” that you just activated.
  • Find the “AiCore Settings” menu and activate “Enable AICore persistent» to force Gemini Nano.
  • Finally, restart your mobile.

And you already have the AI ​​running in persistent mode. To use it, just enter your WhatsApp and talk to the contacts you want using the GBoard keyboard: you will see that response suggestions appear on the keyboard every time your Google Pixel 8 Pro receives a new message. And this proactive operation is not only present in WhatsApp, but also in the Android Messages application. Of course, it may not work for you: it is still in testing.

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