Edge for Android takes a leap in artificial intelligence: Copilot is updated with more functions

edge for android takes a leap in artificial intelligence copilot.webp.webp.webp
edge for android takes a leap in artificial intelligence copilot.webp.webp.webp

Copilot It has become one of the most powerful and interesting generative AI applications to use directly on Android devices. It has differences with ChatGPT, although both are based on the same language models, but The most interesting thing about Copilot is that it offers great versatility and many possibilities for free.

Microsoft launched a separate Copilot app for Android, however, it also integrated this artificial intelligence directly in the Edge browserand they have recently added more features to Copilot from Edge for Android, which are focused on images.

“Copilot, make me an image similar to this”

Edge is a browser that has become a true alternative to Chrome on Android devices (and computers), and artificial intelligence has played an important role in this. Microsoft’s conversational AI, based on GPT-4 you can answer questions with natural language and chat with users, through a simple and clean in-browser interface.

Now in MSPowerUser have discovered a Copilot feature hidden among the Edge settings, which allows analyze and obtain information from images on the web and, in addition, ask Copilot to create images similar to or inspired by those we see on the Internet, taking advantage of DALL-E 3 technology.

You just need to hold your finger down on an image on any web page and do one of two things: ask Copilot something like can you explain this image to me? EITHER ask Copilot to make a similar image for you using AI.

How to activate this hidden Copilot feature in Edge for Android

Edge Copilot 1

This feature is available for development versions of Edge for Android, that is, versions like Microsoft Edge Devwhich can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Once the latest browser update is installed, follow these steps:

  • Access the Edge browser on your device
  • Type the following in the address bar: edge://flags
  • Press “Go”
  • In the search bar, type the following: Mobile Copilot Chat with Images
  • Activate this option by selecting “Enabled” among the options
  • Restart the browser

That’s it, now the feature will be active, you just have to start using it: when you press and hold on an image on a web page, two new options now appear in the menu window. The first is Ask Copilot and the second is Generate AI images.

Copilot Edge Android 2

By clicking on the first option, in

The second new option, Generate AI Images, is even more interesting: allows you to ask Copilot to create similar images or inspired by the original image basically creating itself a kind of prompt based on the image you selected.

Copilot Edge Android 3

In my tests, by using an image that shows the classic logo of the Android operating system next to the logo of the latest Android 14 beta, Copilot has created “an image related to Android, showing its logo and an emblem that indicates the specific version of the operating system”, perfectly understanding the original image and creating interesting images using DALL-E 3 technology.

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