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Gmail changes the lower icon bar of its mobile version, and you will not like it

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The gmail application for mobile devices is one of the most used worldwide, since many users have an account with this free email service. Therefore, the changes that are made have to be accurately measured by the Mountain View company. Well, an aesthetic one is being produced that impacts the use of the app and that may not be to the taste of many. From what has been known, users are gradually seeing that the lower bar of icons with direct access to the different functionalities of the application (such as returning to the inbox or switching between Chat or Meet) has a slight modification that can be of a major impact for some. This is being done to achieve a more Material You-friendly design, but the truth is that it doesn’t seem like it was exactly necessary to run it. How is the change in the Gmail app This is taking place in all the versions that currently exist for the different mobile operating systems, and what can be seen in it is that the text that appears under each icon has simply and simply disappeared. This may not be very relevant for those who are very clear about what each of the elements in the bar is for, but for others this help is the most important so as not to make a mistake when choosing the place in Gmail to which they want to go. . Perhaps, if the space gain that occurs, and that can be seen in the image that we have left before, was very important. But that is not the case. A few pixels are gained that, the truth is, they are not filled with anything and the modification is simply made to have an aesthetic more typical of the Material design that we have mentioned before -and, therefore, to follow the trend initiated by Google for all your applications. But, the truth is that what was done does not make much sense because the text that was seen was not annoying at all, things as they are. A change that will be effective for all users Whether you like it or not, the change we are talking about will end up being in the Gmail application that you use. General rollout has started with version 2022.08.07.x of the app (activation is done from Google servers once you are detected using it). Therefore, there is no possible escape and no option to revert the action by changing the build configuration. That is, Gmail has to be like this, without text in the icons on the bottom bar. Changes to apps are always welcome when they bring things to the table. Others are less important, since their usefulness is not as great. Therefore, it should be left up to the users whether to implement it or not (via options to do so in the Settings). And this is the case we are talking about: for a mere aesthetic issue in Gmail, an element of help is lost for many, which is not exactly positive. We will see if Google rectifies or not, but everything indicates that the elimination of the text is here to stay. >

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