Fortnite players are getting a new Coachella-themed destination

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After rolling out Coachella-themed fashion item drops in Fortnite last year, Coachella is expanding even further into gaming with the launch of Coachella Island, a new destination in Fortnite that allows players to virtually experience the popular music festival.

Coachella Island launches tomorrow, April 14, at 3 PM ET. Gamers can find the new destination via the “Epic’s Picks” Discover row in Fortnite or type in the island code: 5449-4207-12803.

Built by creators from Alliance Studios using the game’s Creative mode, the island has a virtual merch tent and Art Park, along with desert skies, mountains, Polo Fields and palm trees inspired by the festival’s landscape.

The Art Park has virtual replicas of the festival’s most recognized art installations that Fortnite community creators recreated. This includes the Coachella Ferris Wheel, Spectra and balloon chains, as well as the two new art installations appearing at this year’s festival and a gallery of Fortography.

Gamers can also participate in creator-made music and art experiences like minigames and quests. There’s an in-game Icon Radio for users to listen to, featuring songs and artists from Coachella’s 2023 lineup.

“The future of in-game music and art experiences should not mimic the real-world, but reimagine the magic and make it more accessible via a new medium,” said Sam Schoonover, innovation lead for Coachella, in a statement. “We believe that the best way to do that is to enable and empower artists to show us the way. Just like the festival IRL is a stage for musicians, Coachella Island is now a canvas for gaming creators. Fortnite provides the tools needed to invite creators and fans to participate in this creative process.”

Image Credits: Fortnite

Similar to last year, players can purchase Coachella-inspired outfits and in-game items in the Fortnite Item Shop. There are two new outfits this year, dubbed “Sunset Alto” and “Desert Dawn Lyric.”

The Sunset Alto outfit includes a cute, orange summery tank, shorts and a tan beach hat. It comes with a bonus Aurora Visualizer alt style that reacts to music, a reactive Sunset Swirl Back Bling and Crystalline Cactus Pickaxe.

The Desert Dawn Lyric outfit includes a streetwear graphic tee, and comes with the reactive Aurora Visualizer alt style, an Airflow Vibes Back Bling and Electropalm Staff Pickaxe.

The music-reactive elements play songs by two Coachella 2023 performers, Bad Bunny and Burna Boy.

And in case you missed last year’s outfits, those will still be available to purchase in the item shop, as well.

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