Foreign football player of Ural told whether he drank vodka

foreign football player of ural told whether he drank vodka
foreign football player of ural told whether he drank vodka

The Brazilian football player of the Yekaterinburg Ural team, Italo, admitted that he has never drank vodka, reports RB Sport .

“There are places in Brazil where it is dangerous to be. But in general, tourists come to the country, have fun, and go for walks. e. In Russia I live in the area where the base is located. Vodka? I’ve never drunk vodka and I don’t intend to,” Italo said.

Italo became a Ural player in early July. Last season, the 21-year-old played 12 games in the Portuguese Championship for Santa Clara and two matches in the Portuguese League Cup.

In the current season of the Russian Premier League (RPL), Italo played seven matches without scoring any goals.

In the Russian Premier League (RPL) standings, Ural is in ninth place with 16 points. In the next round, the club from Yekaterinburg will play away against Dynamo Moscow. The meeting will take place on October 29. The teams will take to the field at 16.30 Moscow time.

Earlier, Italo underwent emergency surgery at a hospital in Yekaterinburg.

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