AliExpress offers a big discount on the new and most sought-after portable retro console

aliexpress offers a big discount on the new and most sought after portable retro console
aliexpress offers a big discount on the new and most sought after portable retro console

ou will be able to release it at a very good price and enjoy all kinds of games that you will surely remember with nostalgia.

Anbernic brand consoles are among the main preferences of those users who like to take retro games anywhere. Their laptops have given us hours of fun and, little by little, the company continues to launch new models. The last one they have marketed is the Anbernic RG28XX, a portable console that you can now get on AliExpress with a 28% discount .

Power and versatility

The components of this model, which uses the Linux operating system as occurs in the brand’s best consoles, represent a qualitative leap compared to previous generations. The screen is a 2.83-inch IPS with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, meaning that it is a little wider than that seen on other models. As for the processor, it includes a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 that operates at a frequency of 1.5GHz and is supported by 1GB LPDDR4 RAM. For its part, the storage system is characterized by a capacity of 64GB TF and a microSD port.

The brand has not taken the emulation system beyond what was seen in previous models, but what it has done is improve performance. In this way, not only can you relive games from very old consoles such as Atari 2600, Master System or NES, but also titles from more current consoles such as PlayStation, PSP or Dreamcast are supported. Of course, one of the peculiarities of these consoles is that they allow you to play with arcades, so you will have a portable Mame in your hand to enjoy all the classics you can think of.

Regarding the button configuration, this model does not have joysticks because its dimensions are small. It is a small console that is easily transported and uses the usual Anbernic crosshead that always offers comfort and good performance . Both the front and side buttons will help you make the gaming experience very satisfactory.

Other functions and HDMI connection

When talking about the Anbernic RG28XX, we cannot ignore the fact that, through its HDMI connection, you have the opportunity to connect the console to the television. From that moment on, performance increases even more and you will have the possibility of playing on screens as large as you want. With some games it’s not that a larger screen will benefit the display much, but with more modern machines, it will be a real asset. On the other hand, the manufacturer also recommends using the console to play music or video, manage files or read eBooks.

The price at which you can buy the console at the moment on AliExpress is only 67.65 euros , which represents a 28% reduction compared to the original cost of 94.36 euros. This is a very good discount, especially knowing that it is a new release that has recently hit the market. As usual, Anbernic always has special exit offers, so if you are interested it is very worth buying it now.

Although right now the newest and most recommended model is the Anbernic RG28XX, you might be interested in another of this manufacturer’s laptops. In that type of case, we have searched well in their official store on AliExpress to choose two other proposals that also have a discount and that are highly recommended. One of them is the now classic Anbernic RG35XX with Game Boy format, which you can also get at a very succulent price , while our other recommendation is the Anbernic RG300X, which is so small that it will fit in your pocket easily.


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