8 data that you didn’t know you could save in the Google Contacts app

The Google Contacts app does much more than just save phone numbers. It is a Swiss army knife of information.

Google has a series of applications pre-installed on Android phones that make them used by hundreds of millions of people. The most famous are Gmail , Google Maps or Google Photos , but there are others that are used daily and that are not exploited because the company itself has not told everything they can do.

One of those applications is Contacts , the app that stores all the information of the people with whom we usually communicate, the old Agenda on mobile phones that served before smartphones. This application has been evolving little by little and has currently become the perfect place to store all of a person’s important information.

In addition, this application has a web version that is really easy to use to manage data, modify information and even consult it when you are on a computer. The best thing is that the synchronization of the web version with the application is impeccable.

Telephones and much more
Logically, this application allows us to store the phone numbers of our contacts, as well as put photos of them to quickly identify them both when browsing the app and when receiving a phone call. But in addition to this data you can see communications in Gmail, addresses and much more.

In this way, it is possible to have all of a person’s information in one place, from their mobile phone to their work phone, including their email, home address, office address and even personal notes. The versatility of this tool has continued to improve in recent years, but without major announcements from Google.

  • Address– One of the most practical fields of information is the address. In addition to being able to save it here, it will be possible to put a contact’s name in Google Maps and navigate directly to their home.
  • Birthday: Another of the most useful fields is the date of birth. This function is integrated into the Calendar and, if this option is active, we will be notified in the daily view of birthdays in our Contacts app.
  • Recent interactions: In the web version of contacts you can see the last emails that have been written, or received, from that person.
  • Shared files: Likewise, in this web version we have direct access to the files shared in Google Drive with that contact, to edit them directly.
  • Google Assistant: Again, in the desktop version there is a section called Google Assistant, which tells us if that person is in our family, within this program, as well as the relationship with us if it has been established.
  • Notes: Another very versatile field is Notes, which allows you to make a quick note of who the person is, in case we don’t want to put it in the name, which is what many people do.
  • Website: Additionally, if that person has a website or their business has one, it can be saved in the corresponding field.
  • Important date: Finally, it is possible to put important dates assigned to each person, such as an anniversary.