Don’t you know the history of Android? Learn it in just a minute

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Currently, there are two operating systems that exist for mobile devices, such as iOS and Android, we always talk about the most popular. Along the way there have been some that promised a lot, such as those of Windows Phone or webOS (from Microsoft and Palm – later passing through HP and now LG-), and right now it seems impossible that a third party can stand up to them. The fact is that Google has its annual developer conference close and has published a curious and striking video for this reason. In it, the North American firm in just one minute shows what the history of its operating system has been like since in 2007 a young Sergei Brin made this open source development known to the entire world. Without a doubt, they would not think that this development would become one of the great dominators of the market and that it would plant Apple’s iOS face to face. What times those, right? A video that allows us to know the history of Android The truth is that, after a couple of initial years in which things did not advance exponentially like now, due to the strong competition that existed, a date arrives that is key in the evolution of the operating system: 2011. At this time, the milestone of achieving no less than 100 million devices with the operating system is marked, but the most important thing is that there many of the large companies in the telephony sector opt for the use of this software and leave the rest aside. In other words, Google wins the game for being the great and only rival of iOS. Subsequently, spectacular implementation figures have been provided annually at Google I/O, where in recent years the word billions has not stopped sounding when referring to computers with the operating system we are talking about. But this is quite logical. The market we are talking about is two and, curiosities of destiny, its rival is closed. Therefore, everyone else has no choice but to use Android (you know that about lentils…). Of course, its evolution has been fantastic in terms of the number of options, security improvements, interaction, etc. What is surprising in the video that has been published is that in a minute it has been broken down very correctly how the 14 years of history that Android has behind it have been and that, by what it seems, it is not going to have no problem doubling them without greatly reducing their brutal world market share (above 85% for a long time). What is expected at Google I/O 2022 Apart from a new version of Android, since good habits should not be lost, the company seems to announce a new range of smartphones where Google’s first foldable would be the big star. In addition, it is also possible that a good number of accessories will be presented with headphones and a smartwatch at the head; and, without a doubt, advances in your voice assistant. Any surprise? Well, it sure is, since those from Mountain View are experts in this type of thing and, if you have to bet, the logical thing is to do it for new cloud-based services. >

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