Dolnai unveils an AI solution that revolutionizes advertising in Google Ads


In an increasingly competitive digital environment, the Spanish startup dolnai has released a new tool based on artificial intelligence (AI) that promises to transform the way companies manage their advertising campaigns in Google Ads.

The need for a new tool

With Google’s increasing trend towards campaign management automation, the autonomy of account managers has been reduced. This has caused a demand for solutions that allow companies to optimize their advertising investments without the need to increase costs. Dolnai AdCreatorDolnai’s innovative product, seems to be the answer to this growing need.

How Dolnai AdCreator works

This revolutionary system uses AI to analyze a company’s ads, identifying the texts that generate the least impact. Subsequently, it offers suggestions for the creation of more creative and effective messages, taking into account both the sector to which the company belongs and its communication style.

Observed benefits

Companies that have already implemented Dolnai AdCreator have experienced notable increases in conversion rates in Google Ads and a reduction in cost per click. According to the CEO of Dolnai, Manuel Arrufatthis system is an ally for advertisers, helping them to grow in sales without the need to increase costs.

Towards a more efficient future in advertising

Dolnai AdCreator’s technology not only offers a solution to Google’s growing automation, but also opens up a horizon full of possibilities for advertisers. The intelligent use of AI enables constant optimization of advertising strategies, which aligns advertisers’ objectives with the bottom line, facilitating profitable growth.

This tool shows how the use of AI can open new paths for the optimization of advertising campaigns. If this is just the beginning, the future possibilities for advertising in the digital age seem endless.

More information on Dolnai

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