Create your own music without having any idea about art with the new free OnePlus app

create your own music without having any idea about art with the new free oneplus app
create your own music without having any idea about art with the new free oneplus app

The potential of AI has always been tremendous, but it wasn’t until this year that the average user really had the opportunity to see it firsthand. Projects like ChatGPT or Dall-E have shown that anyone is capable of creating texts on any topic, or any image that occurs to them, without needing to know how to write or draw, respectively.

And that is only the beginning. Soon cell phones and computers will be able to run AI models thanks to AI-ready processors, and that will open up a new world for creative people. And OnePlus has just teased that future.

Something big was expected from OnePlus, when the image of a transparent speaker was initially published; Rumors indicated that it could be a new music device that would continue the brand expansion that has occurred with products like the OnePlus keyboard. But the company has managed to surprise everyone.

AI Music Creator

The app works very simply; We just have to go to the official website and create an account to be able to use it. Once we have entered, the process is completely guided, and it is not possible to get lost; The idea is that even those of us who don’t have rhythm can create music.


To begin, we must choose the musical genre, which at the moment can only be “Rap” and “EDM”; although in a future update “Pop” will be added; Next, we choose the type of song we want, whether we want it to be happy, energetic, romantic, or sad. In addition to the song, we can also create an AI music video to accompany it, allowing us to choose between several types.

Next comes the really important part, where we can give our personal touch to the song; The app will ask us for a description of the topic, such as the reason for the song or an experience that we want to represent, such as an adventure, a scene or a sensation. Examples include “under the city lights,” “chasing the horizon,” or “echoes of laughter.” If we have chosen a rap song, the app will first generate the lyrics that we can check before generating the song. After clicking “Generate”, the AI ​​will do its job and create a song and music video, based on the settings and what we have requested. We can download the video and share it on social networks.

At the moment, this app is very simple, but it can be a good base for future projects and we would not be surprised if, in the future, our mobile phone comes with a similar app.


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