Android Auto 11.0 now arrives on your mobile with renewed icons: this is how you can download this new update

android auto 110 now arrives on your mobile with renewed.webp.webp.webp
android auto 110 now arrives on your mobile with renewed.webp.webp.webp

Google’s Christmas gift arrives a few days early: Android Auto 11.0 is now available for everyonewithout the need to be part of a beta program which has been full for years.

The latest version of Android Auto has been delayed a little longer than usual, with a month having passed since Android Auto 10.9. With the new version, you will have a new look for the iconsat least in some cases.

New version of Android Auto

It’s time to update Android Auto on your mobile to be able to use the latest version in your car. As usual, we have tested the Android Auto 11.0 update in search of new features and on this occasion there is a change that is obvious.


The great news is found in the icons which in all these years have always been circular and Now they can take other forms, depending on the phone. In my case, with a OnePlus mobile, the icons have a square shape with rounded corners, while on a Samsung mobile they appear in the shape of a squircle or square circle.

Android Auto 11.0 with square icons with rounded corners

For now there is no way to modify the shape of the icons manually and it also does not seem to respond to the changes made in the configuration in this regard on the mobile.

Apart from this change, we have not found any of the pending functions that have not yet arrived as Zoom compatibility to others that have been discovered and do not appear, such as the disconnect button he redesign settings with Material Youthe adjustment for change the app that opens at startup or be able to choose the same wallpaper as on the mobile. We will need even more patience.


In any case, it is always a good idea to keep Android Auto updated, as it is expected that Google has taken the opportunity to include some internal changes or improvements, even though the list of known errors It hasn’t been updated for a couple of weeks. These are the steps necessary to update to Android Auto 11.0:

  • First, check which version of Android Auto you already have since it is possible that it has been updated without you knowing it.
  • If you still don’t have Android Auto 11.0, open Google Play and tap on your profile photo, then choose Manage apps and device. Press then Update all.
  • If you still don’t see the update, visit the Android Auto 11.0 on APK Mirror and download the file to your mobile.
  • Open the file (it will open with the package installer) and press Update when asked.

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