The design is impressive, and the sound is not far behind: we analyze the Huawei FreeClips headphones


Huawei FreeClips

We have analyzed the spectacular new Huawei headphones with an extravagant and striking design, with great sound.

Huawei has gone through a situation that many prophesied would be the prelude to the company’s disappearance. The United States’ veto on being able to use key components and even Google applications and services seemed like it was going to eliminate Huawei from the consumer electronics sector. However, although its mobile division has been affected, others, such as computers or accessories, are becoming more and more interesting.

Regarding Android phones, special mention must be made of their new watches and headphones. The latter have always been one of the best options in markets such as Spain, with proposals focused on sound quality, such as the Huawei FreeBuds Pro 3 or a groundbreaking design, such as the Huawei Freebuds 5.

The latter attracted a lot of attention for their estheticvery different from what we have seen so far, as well as not using pads, which It is liked by a very specific segment of users, who find the isolation produced by headphones with this type of silicone earplugs annoying..

Aren’t they earrings?

The Huawei FreeClips are also a product clearly focused on design, with a very characteristic U shape. which makes putting them on a curious experience. Both headphones are identical, not distinguishing whether they are placed in one ear or the other, and even in the charging box they can be stored interchangeably. This is something that attracts attention and that some users value, because other models are somewhat more tedious to store. And the weight, at 5.6 grams per earbud, makes wearing them extremely comfortable.

The color, a very elegant lead gray (there is another purple model), makes them stand out on the head, sometimes seeming to wear a piercing or pending. Even so, it is not a problem to wear them with the latter, although it may be if there are many perforations in certain parts. In addition, the IP54 protection allows them to be used for sports, although the support is not extreme.

The The spherical part is the one that goes in the ear, and the one with the most elongated shape goes behind the ear, This is where the battery and most of the components are housed. Something that is striking is thatEven when standing, you can fully hear the ambient soundconversations and more, this being one of the highlights of these headphones.

A great open sound

Huawei’s Open-Ear technology seeks to offer great sound without isolating from the outside, and this is fully appreciated in the FreeClips. These headphones have a very decent sound, even in bass tones, which draws attention due to their strange shape and small size.

Huawei FreeClips

It is true that unless we turn the volume to maximum, the sound from outside sneaks into what is being heard, but that is not a defect as such. If this is something you want to avoid, you should opt for another type of headphones. We have let several people use this product and some They have told us that they would see it as perfect for use in the office, because it allows you to listen to music without isolating you from people’s conversations.notices, etc.

(Not all headphones have the same noise cancellation)

Of course, these Huawei FreeClips They do not have active noise cancellation, since the very premise of the headphones is not to isolate you. They do have noise cancellation for calls to make them cleaner.

Huawei FreeClips

Regarding autonomy, Huawei promises no less than 8 hours of use on charge, and a total of 36 hours with the case. It must be taken into account that these figures are given in company measurements, with the volume at a certain level. If we set the volume to maximum, the autonomy will be less. Yes, not having ANC helps the battery last longer.

The right functions

These headphones have a control application from the Huawei AI mobile phone, which allows you to modify their behavior. For example, allows you to choose what the gestures will do, with double and triple tap available. In addition, they have usage detection, so we take them off and the music pauses.

Huawei FreeClips

The application has preset equalizers depending on whether you are going to listen to music, podcasts, etc. It is not the most advanced app in this sense but we have also seen others that lacked even the most basic sound control functions.

As a good product of the Huawei ecosystem, allows use with two devices at the same time, in addition to being able to search for them from your mobile, in case we don’t know where we left any of the headphones. The application does not offer any flashy functions, but we have seen many times that these functions become something curious that is not used, so we do not miss them either.

Should I buy them?

Huawei is one of the companies that most innovates in product creation. Its industrial design engineers seem to have carte blanche and they create devices that have literally not been seen in other brands. The Huawei FreeClips fit perfectly into that category.

These headphones They seem to be going into a direct fight with the AirPods 3, headphones of similar price, without active noise cancellation. Huawei says that it has detected a market segment that asks not to isolate itself from the world when wearing headphones and, for those people, these FreeClips are a good option.

Huawei FreeClips

But The most favorable point of them is their design.. Many users use headphones, practically all young people, and being able to differentiate themselves is something important for them. This type of product allows you to distance yourself a little from massive trends, without having to give up anything.

Huawei knows that these will not be its best-selling headphones, but of course is offering something that few brands have. Perhaps Nothing is the only one that, without risking so much, also promises a different design in a product that is already there, de factointegrated into our daily lives.

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