Buying a WiFi repeater is not always the best solution

buying a wifi repeater is not always the best solution
buying a wifi repeater is not always the best solution

WIFI repeater

We all want the better Wi-Fi connection for our house. However, there are several factors that can negatively influence us not having the highest speed. However, no matter how much we believe that the WiFi repeater we just bought will be the definitive solution to our problems, the truth is that it is not always the best alternative.

Although we think at first that a repeater for the wireless network can come in handy to end the signal problems. Putting one at home is not always good, and even, in some cases, the solution will be even worse. For this reason, we are going to see what are the other options we have to amplify Wi-Fi coverage at home and when it is worse to use this type of equipment.

Why it is not a good idea to use a repeater

Placing a repeater, amplifier or extender for the WiFi network is not always a good idea. Although its mission is to enhance the coverage of the wireless signal in homes, it is not the best alternative that we currently find. If the signal does not reach all corners of the home, there are other more interesting options that will help us properly amplify coverage.


For this reason, we are going to know different situations that can cause the connection offered by the Wi-Fi repeater to be even worse than the network that reaches us from the router itself:

  • the repeater not of great quality and works only in the 2.4 GHz band.
  • The location of the device not the best. If it is close to electrical appliances or other devices, the signal could reach worse and we will have even more problems with coverage.
  • The maximum speed it supports is lower which you want to get.
  • If you need good wired speed. When you need a greater connection, it is better to opt for other alternatives, since a repeater may not meet what you were looking for.

What is the best solution?

When looking for solutions to extend Wi-Fi signal at home, the repeater is one of the cheapest options. However, it is not the best of all. For this reason, if you are thinking of amplifying the coverage of the wireless network in your home, you may be interested in knowing what are the alternatives that we have available:

  • One of the first options we have for coverage to go further is to have a router with better features. Specifically, when you have more antennas and a higher number of MIMO streamswe will make the wireless connection extend its range, in addition to its simultaneous speed.
  • install a secondary Wi-Fi access point by cable to the main router of our house to broadcast on a channel other than the latter. For example, we can use an old router as a WiFi access point to expand coverage.

Wi-Fi at home

If for any reason we cannot use either of these two alternatives, we can only the repeater option. So, it will be necessary to pay a lot of attention that the network of this device is not saturated, the location of the device and, above all, the quality that it offers us. In addition to the bands that it offers us. Although, as we said, the ideal is to first try one of the two alternatives that we have mentioned: having a router with better features and using a secondary WiFi access point by cable.


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