Bombshell on Amazon: this ultra-cheap Xiaomi reduced to less than 70 euros


The cheapest mobile phone in the Xiaomi catalog is reduced by 25%, and remains at a totally ridiculous price with shipping from Spain.


There are many occasions in which a secondary phone can come in handy to take on excursions in which it may break or suffer some damage, or even to use them if the main phone breaks. And for this, a basic mobile phone is ideal, since it does not have a high price.

This type of device can also be the best option for people who rarely use cell phones and who simply want it to browse the internet a little and check social networks sporadically, because you are not going to be glued to the device all day.

Now, Amazon has reduced the cheapest mobile phone in the Xiaomi catalog, and this has now cost less than 70 eurosa price that has reached its minimum and that leaves it as an irresistible option for all those people who want to spend little money.

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This mobile is found on Amazon with a 25% offer, which makes its price go from 90 euros to only 67.97 euros. It has shipping from Spainand it is one of those devices that can come in handy as a spare cell phone, or as a first cell phone for the youngest.

Its features are quite modest, so it is not recommended for a person looking for great performance, for this you will have to spend a lot more money. It has 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory which are enough to have a few applications for daily use.


Your processor is MediaTek Helio G36, which is capable of performing basic tasks such as browsing the internet or downloading applications. The mobile screen has a considerable size, with 6.52 inches at HD+ resolution. Its refresh rate is 60 Hz, and its technology is IPS.

The battery is one of the great strengths of the device, since It has a capacity of 5,000 mAh, which in combination with the resolution of its screen, promises to offer good results, lasting more than a day of use. It must be taken into account that the device does not have 5G, and that its Android version is number 12. However, its price makes it a great option despite all this if it is going to be used for a certain purpose.

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