“Bioshock”: New launcher makes titles unplayable on Linux

bioshock new launcher makes titles unplayable on linux.jpg
bioshock new launcher makes titles unplayable on linux.jpg

2K is updating a launcher for its “Bioshock” games. This makes them partially unplayable on Linux systems such as the Steam Deck.

Anger about a new update for the “Bioshock” games: Publisher 2K Games has subsequently linked the three titles of the popular action series with a launcher. This launcher is called up automatically before the actual game starts. This may be annoying for some Windows users. However, a bigger problem occurs on Linux platforms, where in many cases the launcher does not start at all. This makes the three “Bioshock” games practically unplayable. The Steam Deck should also be affected.

This was first reported by the Linux blog Gamingonlinux, which now also provides a workaround posted on Reddit: To do this, commands must be entered in the launch options of the individual games. For the first “Bioshock” part, the Linux community recommends the command bash -c 'exec "${@/2KLauncher\/LauncherPatcher.exe/Build\/Final\/BioshockHD.exe}"' -- %command% -nointro.

The other commands that have been tested and found working by Gamingonlinux can be found on Reddit. This workaround disables the launcher launch, allowing the “Bioshock” games to launch directly as before.

Before that, users can try at least once to start the “Bioshock” games at least once via the launcher. Because according to Gamingonlinelinux, the launcher does not refuse to work on all Linux configurations. Gamingonlinux also recommends switching back and forth between the Proton compatibility layer and native Linux as a test, in order to get the “Bioshock” games going again.

The new patch for the “Bioshock” games on Steam is dated September 3rd. It is declared there as a “Quality of Life” update and affects the remasters of “Bioshock” and “Bioshock 2” as well as “Bioshock Infinite” equally. Apart from the new launcher, the updates do not introduce any innovations. But they do give an indication of why a launcher was considered necessary so long after the release of the action title: It includes a store through which players can buy new content. 2K has not yet commented on the problems caused by the program on Linux systems.


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