Apple will shortly renew iMac computers, and will do so with maximum power

There were many doubts as to whether Apple would carry out a renewal of the iMac this year 2033. Well, it seems that the Cupertino company has finally decided to do this, and those who use all-in-one computers from the firm – and need to renew it – will be able to do this with interesting news.

The truth is that a facelift seemed quite necessary in its hardware, not so much in the design, where it remains one of the most attractive devices in its product range. The fact is that it seems that Apple has just that intention, since it has been known that among the novelties that will be included will be a new processor to provide more power to computers tabletop we are talking about. And, obviously, this is good news.

New processors for Apple’s iMac

The information that has been published indicates that the firm of the bitten apple intends to update the equipment of which we spoke with the own new M3 processor Manzana. In other words, as it was logical to think, the commitment to the ARM architecture is maintained, which already in 2021 (the last moment in which the iMacs were updated to date) replaced the Intel X86. Come on, as expected there will be no turning back.


Besides, it is also to be expected that there will be a increase both the amount of RAM and internal storage disk (Yes, here it does not seem that there is a change in the technology used). With these two novelties, and some more that are surely unknown at the moment, it is quite clear that the update of the iMac will be focused on what has to do with power. In the design, perhaps a new color is the most important thing that Apple has in mind – without there being variations in the size of the screen, so the commitment to 24 and 27 inches will be maintained.

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Possible presentation date of these computers

Well, if what is indicated by the source of the information is confirmed, the initial development phase would have ended and the factories would have everything necessary to start production. Therefore, it is normal to expect that, at the latest, in the summer of this 2023 Apple’s new iMacs are official. An additional detail that is important: along with these computers, a new laptop is expected to arrive, which everything indicates that it would be the new macbook air.