Apple wants to surprise with its next iMac, and will use the screen for it

Apple wants to surprise with its next iMac, and will use the screen for it
apple wants to surprise with its next imac, and will

Manzana is intent on surprising users when it launches its next range of Mac computers. At its recent WWDC 2023 event, the tech giant unveiled the 15-inch MacBook Air and new MacBook Air models. iMac with the M2 Ultra processor. Now, the firm is working on the development of the model with the larger screen size always.

Specifically, the iMac we are talking about would have a panel of no less than 30 inches. And, all this, without losing its all-in-one design and with lines that have made this computer a benchmark in the market. And this will be an important change at Apple, since we must not forget that, in 2021, the firm updated these computers with the M1 chip, giving it greater power and its aesthetics were also redesigned. However, there was a step back in screen size.

The data is pretty clear

According to Bloomberg, Apple is developing a new iMac with a screen of at least 30 inches (it is not ruled out that it could be even larger). I would be the largest such computer ever made and it would fill a gap in Apple’s product lineup since the company stopped producing the 27-inch iMac Pro in 2021. If all of this comes to fruition, it’s likely still at least a year or two away. According to the source of the information, everything is still in an early stage of development.


Other novelties in the Apple iMac range

also hopes that 24-inch iMacs to upgrade to the M3 chip -which should be taken into account that not yet announced-. And this is expected to happen early next year. However, it’s important to note that this is all just a rumor at this point, and there’s no guarantee that the new iMac or M3 processor will actually be released on the aforementioned date.

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As usual, Apple maintains total secrecy regarding the launches that are planned in the short, medium and long term. But, the truth is that an iMac with a very large screen is a good option, since there are many who demand equipment of this type both for professional work and in the personal sphere. Therefore, it makes all the logic in the world that the Cupertino company has in mind to respond to user requests.