Midjourney v6 available: so you can use this AI and create spectacular images

midjourney v6 available so you can use this ai and.jpg
midjourney v6 available so you can use this ai and.jpg

Creation of a red-haired girl's AI Midjourney v6

By surprise and forcefully. This is how Midjourney v6 has been made available to users, the new version of artificial intelligence number one when it comes to creating images. It is now available and you can try it very easily, giving excellent results thanks to its many new features.



The year will not end without us having the opportunity to enjoy new resources of AI thanks to the Midjourney v6 alpha, which is surprising everyone who is testing it. Next, we show you how to activate this new version of the tool, what kind of new features it has and what results it is providing already in its first hours.

Activate Midjourney v6

If you log into the Midjourney Discord server here and start using the tool, you won’t be using v6. The reason is that you have to activate it first. And the way to do it is simple. On any of the channels that Midjourney has, open the options menu with the /settings command. That will load a visual menu of options where you have to click on the dropdown and select “Midjourney Model V6 (Alpha)”. Next, don’t forget that there are different options that you can configure depending on your needs.

AI Midjourney v6 activation process



If you are not interested in using v6 at all times, because there may be aspects that you need that have not been included (there are some minor examples), what you should do would be to launch the prompts that you are interested in asking and always add the tagline «–v 6» at the end of the request. This way you will be telling the AI ​​that you want it to use that version of the engine. There is a third option to use this new update: use artificial intelligence from its website, but in that case you will have to be a paying user.

What’s new?

One of the most important changes is that now the prompts they may be longer than before. This gives you the opportunity to make more developed requests and for Midjourney to consider every word before getting to work on the image. Also, as you can imagine, this new version increases the level of efficiency it provides when drawing. But, for us, one of the most important changes is that we can now put text at will inside the images. This is something we’ve seen in other AIs, but wasn’t yet present in Midjourney because the feature was slow-cooking.

Twitter user image



Midjourney V6 is looking mighty tasty!
Huge increase in detail at the same resolution.
These are NOT final model images and are not upscaled.

#midjouney #AIArtCommuity

December 22, 2023 • 12:02


Now that text can be included, the results are superb, far superior to what we have seen in those other image AIs that have allowed this function to be used previously. Of course, you have to make the request for the text correctly within the prompt or there will be no way for the program to implement it efficiently. So what you have to do is use quotes to mark text exactly what you want to appear in the image and then at the prompt add as many style or design details as you can. That will make the display of the text in the image meet your demands.

Twitter user image



Midjourney V6…. We have TEXT!
It can be hit or miss but still learning how it works.
These 4 were all from one generation.
Maybe got lucky ‍♂️
Prompt in image 1 ALT
#midjourneyV6 #MJV6 #AIart #aiartcommunity #digitalart #midjouney #MidjourneyAI #AIArtwork

December 22, 2023 • 12:02


Other new features include the AI ​​acting more consistently, an improved remix mode, increased resolution in some of the modes, such as creative, and the addition of more options that you can use in your prompts. For example, you can use the /blend command or functions like –weird, –chaos, –ar, among others. Of course, keep in mind that there are some traits that are not yet available in this version, which is why you may want to wait for them to be added over the next month. One of the main absences is the use of zoom, with the Pan expansion system also falling by the wayside.

How do I have to make the prompts?

The team responsible for Midjourney v6 makes it clear from the official statement they have published, indicating that the prompt system has completely changed and that you’re going to have to learn again to use it. They ask users to abandon the techniques they used until now because there are many changes and a large part of the ideas that previously worked can no longer be used effectively. And for us to understand it, they use clear examples, such as that now image characteristics or adjectives such as “photorealistic”, “an award-winning photo” or “an image with 8K resolution” are no longer useful. These types of additions are considered “filler” and, instead of helping the prompt, what they will do is blur the AI ​​and complicate its work.

Twitter user image

Marco Nedermeijer


Midjourney v1 until v6, same prompt»

white background, closeup portrait of a very old mean man, 92 years old, wrinkles, realistic skin, studio lighting,, canon f/4

#midjourneyV6 #midjouney #aiartcommunity

December 22, 2023 • 12:02


For us to understand each other: we must be explicit. We do not have to dwell on the request even though Midjourney now gives us more space when issuing the prompt. He gets to the point and asks clearly what you want him to draw for you. that the result is first class. And for those looking for something more realistic, all you have to do is use –style raw and stop adding crazy text that in the end doesn’t help anything. In any case, they confirm that there is a lot of learning to enjoy and that the best thing, right now, is to collaborate with the community on Discord and discover everything that this new version of AI is capable of.

What images are being created?

You may have already seen some throughout the article. Everything included in this news about Midjourney v6 has been created exactly using this new version of AI. As you can see, there are many difference between one and the other images, an aspect in which the quality of the prompt that is being issued has a lot of weight. Therefore, it is essential to practice.

In X there are many users and artists who are using the new version of AI and who show that they have really gotten the hang of it quickly. Among other things, They are publishing comparisons where we see the same request on one side made with the v5 version and on the side the one they have achieved with the new update. This way you can see the magnitude of the change. In the images you can see the high level of detail that this new version of Midjourney provides, the almost sickly realism of some textures and how well the artificial intelligence plays with the different colors depending on the context it is representing.

Twitter user image



midjourney v6
The same prompt with a focus on a white lace dress. On the left #midjourney v5.2 interpretation of a lace compared to v6

December 22, 2023 • 12:02


As the team says, Midjourney v6 It is not the end, but it is just another version that shows how much this artificial intelligence is progressing. It won’t be long before we see new developments and appreciate, little by little, how users are making more and more use of the potential of this AI update to create images and generate extremely realistic faces.



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