Android Auto 11 is released for everyone with changes in its design

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Android Auto receives a last update, and in this case, it is not a beta version for users. As usually happens, first a beta phase is launched for a few users and once everything is good, it is launched to the rest of the world. Well, Android Auto 11 is a reality, although the truth is that it arrives with few changes, such as some renewed icons for its interface.



As an early gift for these dates, Google has released the final version of Android Auto 11. After some time in the beta phase, the most recent version of this well-known application is now released for all users. Although it is true that it has taken longer than expected.

In fact, it’s been over a month now. since the release of Android Auto 10.9. In any case, with this latest update you will be able to enjoy icons that look different, but the truth is that there are no major notable changes from one version to another. We tell you!

New update for Android Auto

Starting today, and during the next few days, you will be able to receive a new update on your mobile to have the latest version of Android Auto in your car. And, like any new version, it is released in stages to users. But, if it is not yet available for your smartphone, don’t worry, because it will be available soon.



Now, as for the changes in this latest version, the most visible of all is found in the icons. As you can see, once you update, you will notice that the classic icons that were circular have other shapes. Everything will depend on the mobile phone you have, for example, soon Samsung’s default icons will be able to be seen as they are in the Android Auto app drawer. And so with the rest of smartphones, such as OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc. Basically, standard mobile icons are allowed to migrate to Android Auto.

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This change is intended to changing apps from phone to car It is barely noticeable, so that the same applications can be perfectly distinguished. Although, it must be taken into account that this function does not support third-party icons, and from the looks of it, it is not known if Google is going to allow this option. But, it is clear that if you intend to offer the same design as mobile phones for each user, this option will have to be given.

Leaving aside this novelty, the truth is that it is expected that it can fix different reported bugs by users in recent weeks. As is the case of problems with music applications or connection failures with Android Auto when using different smartphone models.

Beyond all of the above, there are no more features planned. Although it is true that it is still There are many functions that are pending: Zoom compatibility, the redesign of settings with Material You or even choosing the same wallpaper that you have on the phone, among other features. So we still have to wait until these new features are definitively released.



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